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Grano de arena - sinico - 2011-06-07

No se mucho ingles pero quiero poner un pequeño granito de arena.

Mi palm es un poco vieja por lo que hice una aplicacion muy sencilla y simple, es solo un control web con botones basicos, es solo html, es muy básico y creo que para los que no tenemos un servidor o problemas con php o tu dispositivo es muy lento, este corre en un html muy simple. solo necesitas saber la ip de la máquina así como el puerto que usa tu xbmc.

Not much English but I want to put a little bit.

My palm is a bit old so I did a very simple and straightforward, is just a basic web control with buttons, it's just html, is very basic and I think for those who do not have a server or php or problems with your device is very slow, it runs on a very simple html. just need to know the ip of the machine and the port used by your xbmc.

http://www.elite-publicidad.com/ligero.rar NodNodNod


- oneadvent - 2011-06-30

Where do I put my login credentials

xbmc defaults? - efex - 2012-12-26

i understand that this thread seems pretty much dead, but i still hope to get help

ive tried getting http-r to run on a raspberryPi with raspbmc (xbmc linux standalone port) and got as far as showing the php page of the remote, which tells me that the mediacenter appears offline. the default landing page shows the php/apache dummy page "It works!".

from reading through lots of postings i kinda gather that this is probably due to my xbmc having a login and pass set, which i would be happy to change BUT:

in xbmcs webserver settings i can no longer change these settings as they are greyed out and since installing apache2/php5 whenever i re-check the option 'allow control of xbmc via http' it gives me the error msg 'webserver failed to start'. now im stuck with no remote at all, and no possibility at to change back other than reinstalling, which on a slower machine like the raspberry is lots of work.

i was hoping that since you obviously spent alot of time with the settings of xbmc, u might be able to give me any hints how i can restore the default web interface settings of xbmc?

any help greatly appreciated

RE: XBMC HTTP-R, Remote Control Web App for PDA, PPC, or Smartphone (developers wanted) - robweber - 2012-12-26

This project is to the point where it most likely no longer works anymore. Mostly because it is using the HTTP web api, which was removed a while back in favor of the new JSONRPC interface. If you are using a somewhat new (like last 6 months) version of raspbmc the http api is most likely gone.

Knowing that there are still some things you can do. I'm going to wager a guess that since you've installed apache it is now running on the same port that xbmc is trying to start its http services on. Try stopping apache and then enabling the http services again, or change the port that they run on.

If you're looking for a web based remote control you can try browsing the web-based addons for xbmc (in the addon repo) there are several good ones that run right off the built in xbmc web server and should be up to date. You can also try the Maraschino project http://www.maraschinoproject.com/ it has a nice clean interface. Even if you don't use sickbeard or any of the other apps you can browse your xbmc library, see recently added shows, monitor weather, disk space, now playing, etc.

RE: XBMC HTTP-R, Remote Control Web App for PDA, PPC, or Smartphone (developers wanted) - efex - 2012-12-27

thank you, youre my new guru Wink

stopping apache did the trick, now ill just have to revert from the nightly that i installed while panicking and everything should be back to normal Smile

as for the 'good' repo addons for xbmc... none of those seem to have 'good' touch integration, and apps for my blackberry are rare to say the least... ill prolly have to figure out how to port an android xbmc remote to get better functionality.

didnt know of sickbeard prolly gonna look even harder for free accounts now Smile

again, thanks a lot for the quick reply, u saved me lots of trouble

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