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- Batemann - 2009-06-16

Hello Xini.

I am eagerly awaiting new developments on the new version of your HTTP-server. I am especially interested in the PC interface, cause I still want to use this as a communication device upstairs for the HTPC downstairs...

Any development on that front? ;-)

- BoLzI - 2009-06-24


it tried to start your Skin on my windows.
I read your instructions and installed a xampp version for the standalone version.

XBMC is running and i created a directory called "xbmc" under htdocs.

But when i try to start indexing.php this error is shown.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\Programme\xampp\htdocs\xbmc\indexing.php on line 9

The main index.php has an error, too.

Warning: include(interface/ppc//index.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\Programme\xampp\htdocs\xbmc\index.php on line 55

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'interface/ppc//index.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:\Programme\xampp\php\pear\') in C:\Programme\xampp\htdocs\xbmc\index.php on line 55

can you/someone help me with this problem?

- DarkStranger - 2009-08-02

Sorry t obother you.

I have the standalone installation.

I installed Xampp Lite

The problem I have is that when I try to go to the index.php or indexing.php from another laptop, it can't display the page.

I just get the page is not found. Using opera.

Xampp is running, I have copied the files to Htdocs\xbmc\

Put in the right Ip adress.

When I try to connect to http://192.168.0.XXX:8080/ I get the Xbmc

Please Help


- jmcclure22 - 2009-08-02

Ensure that you have XBMC and Xampp running on different ports (if they are on the same machine). Then make sure your config file for http-r is pointed to the ip and port that XBMC is configured to.

Same machine: port 8080
or: 192.168.xxx.xxx port 8080

Xampp should default to port 80. Therefore you if they are both setup on the same machine and XBMC is set to port 8080 then HTTP-R should already be set to 80.

Point your browser to (comps ip) http://192.168.xxx.xxx (no port, defualt is 80)

I hope I understood you correctly and helped.


- DarkStranger - 2009-08-02


I have changed the port in the Config.php to 8080 so it points to XBMC

When in opera i type the comps ip: http://192.168.xxx.xxx

The page displays: It Works

Then I try to connect to:


Then it says: Not Found

Hope to get this up and running.

Sorry I'm a noob at this!

- Montellese - 2009-08-04

Can you try to access http://localhost/xbmc from the computer on which XAMPP is running?

- jkrellner - 2009-08-04

XiniX88 Wrote:Yes, it will get another skin to navigate through your movies etc. You will see Wink (it's still all in my mind, maybe I can finish something in the upcoming holiday).

I would really like to keep the beauty of Aeon alive while being able to use HTTP-R. Is this not possible at all?

- mcage - 2009-08-16

denhaas.info seems down. Anyone has an alternative download loction for me?

- mcage - 2009-08-17

Never mind, see it's up again!

Got it running on my NAS and works great! Thanks
Just one request:

I am planning to use this on my internet tablet using a touchscreen. The interface is now optimized for small screen (PPC) or full blown (PC experimental).

Would it be possible to make a skin where one side stays the same with play, forward and volume and also back and home button and the other side contains the list view to show the items. This way it saves a lot of scrolling using a touch panel.
Another option may be to limit the amount of rows returned.. or even nicer.. have an additional static column to the right of the list that shows letters so you have direct entry access to starting points.

I hope you get the picture... if not I will try to come up with a mockup as soon as I have the possibility.

- mcage - 2009-08-18

dmidi Wrote:Perhaps this remote initiative could be brought into XBMC?

It would be great if different skins could be created for Iphone, Nokia N800/N810, Palm Pre, etc. with those skins then 'served' via the native XBMC server.

Also, with the move to 0.3, I noted that the emphasis is having the same GUI on your Smartphone as seen on the PC. IMO, this is a mistake. The screens and interactions are completely different between the two platforms.

I think the usage of different skins would allow Xbmc remote GUI behavior to be as similar as possible to the individual Smartphone experience. For example, the N800 is a horizontal device and is controlled far differently than the Iphone's vertical orientation.

Don't forget that part of the power of this neat application environment is that it can be placed on a central server to server multiple xbmc instances. This is for me the selling point (besides the nice interface so far)

- danceresort - 2009-08-20

Got it all setup works correctly on my PC, but wont work on my HTC Touch running windows or my HTC Hero running android. I get the media bars but nothing else (like you get on a desktop browser when the XBMC is not running). XBMC is running on an Xbox

Also I cant browse Videos on the browser, only music (all my stuff is on SMB Shares)

Any ideas?

- hott198 - 2009-08-25

would really love a nowplaying screen easy access menu.

also does anyone have shoutcast working on their ppc? i cant for the life of me access anything past genre from the SC streams.

- hott198 - 2009-08-30

can we just upload this into xbmc/web folder and run it that way? is there an interface for webskin? and do we just put "interface" folder in the web or the whole folder in the web?

- talbotlives - 2009-09-08

The denhaas.info site is down again. Can anyone upload a copy of a recent version until the author's site comes back online?


- harbingerofdoom - 2009-09-16

talbotlives Wrote:The denhaas.info site is down again. Can anyone upload a copy of a recent version until the author's site comes back online?


its still down too...bummer Sad

still no other places to download?

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