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- jmadonald - 2008-12-10

thanks tim, I am having trouble connect to the ftpsite to get the latest svn build.

finally able to connect to t3ch site.

- jmadonald - 2008-12-11

i must be doing something wrong.

I have the latest SVN 12/7 . All weather images on



<description>Weather Background Image</description>
<control type="multiimage">

Any ideas?

edit: got it working, path should be c:/images/weather

- jmadonald - 2008-12-11

thanks for the help!

looks and works great!

- azido - 2008-12-11

a funky new addition to xbmc.

thanks for sharing Wink

- jmadonald - 2008-12-12

what pics should show if it is fair outside? nothing is showing right now, worked great yesterday when it was raining.

- timdog82001 - 2008-12-12

Good question. I don't suppose you know the icon number for fair? Fair isn't the name of any of the conditions in the list the nuka posted, which is what i used. He did say he didn't know how current/accurate the list was so perhaps some stuff is off.

- jmadonald - 2008-12-12

how do i go about finding the correct icon number?

- timdog82001 - 2008-12-12

well it looks like there really are only 47 icons, plus the na icon which i probably should account for, but anyway, SOMETHING should have shown up, even if it didn't seem correct for the weather conditions. I think this must have been a glitch with the system. You're using teh xbox, right? Did you ever scale down the images to the 900 by whatever resolution?

- jmadonald - 2008-12-12

it may have been just a glitch. it is now showing one for light rain, so I'll keep watch.

I scaled the images down to 1280X720

- jmadonald - 2008-12-13

ok found the icons, looks like this weather pack only accounts for 11 of the 47 icons.

- timdog82001 - 2008-12-13

what would make you say that? there are 47 different folders for the 47 different conditions. if you read teh weather.txt file in the weather folder, you can see ones where i used teh same images, but i defeinitely found images for more than 11 different weather types

- jmadonald - 2008-12-13

hmm, something must have been up with my download of the weather pack. or how it was extracted using winrar.

re downloading.

yes, was an issue with the last download, I guess the 20MB size should have led me to believe it was an issue.

nothing to see, please move along.

- timdog82001 - 2008-12-13

Good to hear, glad you got it downloaded. Smile

- Waffa - 2008-12-19

Just want to say thanks.
I really enjoy your fanart pack.Big Grin

- timdog82001 - 2008-12-19

Glad you like itSmile Also, everybody, if you guys notice any weather conditions where the images don't really match up, please let me know. Some of the conditions weren't really clear. Nuka's already pointed one out to me, and I'm sure there are at least a couple others.

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