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Scroll bar in roller view? - vankomicin - 2008-12-06

I made a search through the posts but I can't seem to find if there is an option to get the side bar scroller in Horizonz or Aeon to make browsing easier? Any help appreciated!

- xb2iris - 2008-12-08

hey vankomicin... nice nick... nyways... i'm really into uniformity... and a scrollbar would... at this moment work for some views, but not for others... for example, showcase and info views would have to be revamped for them, due to lack of space... but we'll see how things go, there not in there at the moment, but with the revamp expected after the next release, maybe they'll find their way in there... but thanks for reminding me...

- vankomicin - 2008-12-13

Ok, thnx for the answer, got it and I partly understand Wink But as you've proven with your great work, a perfect product is a blend of aesthetics AND functionality.

Looking fwd to your new release!

- xb2iris - 2008-12-15

No probelmo man... but i'm sure scrollbars will be incorporated at some time... i highly doubt it'll find its way into some views, but others, definately... so, we'll look forward to that stage then...