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Changing Player Button/Lay out - Felagund - 2008-12-12

Hey there,
I've been looking around, but couldnt find a topic about this specific question.
Im new to xbmc (and .xml) so thats why im asking Tongue
I really like the PM3 skin, but i dont like the visual button display when playing music or video etc.
I like the mediastream skin more for example if it comes to the button display in the player.
How can i get that in the PM3 skin?
Is it really as simple as just copy, paste one(or more) xml file(s). And if the answer would be yes, which files should I look into? I was wondering if it was gamepad.xml. (because it looks like one Tongue )

Yours Sincerely,

- jmarshall - 2008-12-15

VideoOSD.xml and MusicOSD.xml are the files you need to alter.

Copy and pasting from one skin to the other is unlikely to achieve what you want, though looking at other skins may well give you some useful pointers into how the skinning system works.

I suggest the best method would be to modify the above files yourself to move the buttons where you want them, then add in the necessary textures and so on.

- Felagund - 2009-01-09

yes I've been looking into it. Although I found it a bit hard at some times, because i don't have real xml experience or something similar. But I've got a buddy who likes the xbmc as well and is assisting me with achieving the different player lay-out.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, has been usefull 'cause I've been looking in the wrong files Tongue.

Yours Sincerely,