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- jonm42 - 2009-02-20

rwparris2 Wrote:Thanks to d4rk's hard work we now have a working version in SVN. Good job man!

Link, please? Or can we get it through SVN Repo?

- rwparris2 - 2009-02-20

jonm42 Wrote:Link, please? Or can we get it through SVN Repo?

Use the SVN Repo Installer. Definitely would have been quicker just to look.

- CptKen - 2009-02-20

cptlare Wrote:Great job guys, I've been waiting for a script that works on my xbox. One question however, is there any way to get subtitle/captioning streams for us deaf/hard-of-hearing people? Some shows on the site display subtitles when turned on, so I was wondering if it was possible for this plugin to display the subtitle streams. Smile

Lets let them focus on bringing initial functionality back to the plugin before adding features Wink

- jonm42 - 2009-02-20

rwparris2 Wrote:Use the SVN Repo Installer. Definitely would have been quicker just to look.

(I'm at work and can't really fire up XBMC on the work network. Thanks for confirming.)

- matt_ - 2009-02-20

Well it works on my Version 1.0 Xbox even if the RSS feeds time out sometimes when first loading ........Good work !

- 0hio - 2009-02-20

SVN Repo installer doesn't seem to be working on default skin of T3CH's XBMC (SVN_2009-02-18_rev17820) build... or is it just me?

- pobresucka - 2009-02-20

my svn repo isn't working either, keep getting error "there was an error installing item". Also on an original xbox here.

- rwparris2 - 2009-02-21

pobresucka Wrote:my svn repo isn't working either, keep getting error "there was an error installing item". Also on an original xbox here.
do you mean it only won't install hulu or won't install anything?

- pobresucka - 2009-02-21

won't install anything. I'm downloading the lastest t3ch build right now to see if that will help...

edit: took the plugin (SVN Repo) from the t3ch build and it says plugin installed to: (blank)

hulu still not working... do i need to delete hulu, then install?

- vash3k - 2009-02-21

I'm on a Jan 25 build and the repo works just fine. Tried installing a few different plugins, no problems. I had errors a couple weeks ago with the SVN repo installer so I manually put it on my Xbox. Did you try that?

- pobresucka - 2009-02-21

Hmm... I tried that, still giving me the same error...

My build may be from last year (december maybe). Should I just install the latest build?

EDIT: installed most recent build, hulu plugin installed fine, just testing it out now.

edit: got some arrested develoment clips to work, but I'm not sure if all the episodes are up.


- skunkjar - 2009-02-21

Thanks so much for all the hard work everybody! My whole family truly appreciates it!
Keep up the good work.


- judgeschambers - 2009-02-21

Yes, thanks for the hard work on the dirty Hulu plug in! Big Grin

Also, like another poster, I could not FTP the new Dirty Hulu plug in into my Xbox using WinSCP. Not sure if there is a setting that would need tweaked on WinSCP to make it work or not. I had to use the file manager feature in Xbmc to copy and past the new plug in into the \plugin\video folder then re-add the source.

New Dirty Hulu plugin Works great so far. No errors, delays etc. I like the format better too of the file structure of some of the movies and TV shows.

I'll test the plugin tomorrow on my Alpha Windows Boxee set up to see how it works. ....


Classic Xbox, T3CH SVN Jan 25, 2009. Wired networked to WHS.

- sion28 - 2009-02-21

For better or for worse, this "dirty" hack is all over lifehacker.com and the boxee forums.

D4rk, you're FAMOUS! ;-)

Haven't had a chance to try it out myself, but thanks for the work anyway, and that goes to everyone else besides just D4rk who helped figure out a solution. Here's hoping y'all find a more robust/elegant solution, too.

(EDIT) I just watched SNL's clip "REALLY?!?! - Michael Phelps" and had a good laugh. New plugin is working for me (classic xbox). Thanks again!

- kivnic - 2009-02-21

WhySoSerious70 Wrote:d4rk's fix works for me. I guess by 'dirty' he is refering to the errors I seem to get when running the plugin. When initially starting the plugin and subsequently every link you click after you get the error: "Python script failed: special://home/plugins/video/Hulu/default.py" but the end result is still a playable show or movie. Thanks d4rk! Big Grin

I'm also getting the "Python script failed" errors. I'm surprised yours was the only message about it. Is everyone else getting this too?

My XBMC build is XBMC-SVN_2009-02-18_rev17820-T3CH