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RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - PatK - 2018-01-09

"my understanding of the regex correct? I know periods and () have special meaning" Yes, that is pretty well my understanding as well. I'd be somewhat curious if you had a different positive result without a specific regex (I've never bothered with one, and perhaps the gliche is in that?). The best way to bring this issue to the attention of developers, is to enitiate a ticket in the Bug Tracker for Leia (top of the this page) with links to this thread, but please be very patient.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - twinpeaks - 2018-02-24

I've made a lot of progress but I have a basic flaw I just can't seem to find. My setup is W10 w/ Kodi 17.6. I have bluray ISOs, 3D ISOs and 4K UHD ISOs on an Emby server. I was having trouble getting the Nvidia 3D Stereoscopic to toggle automatically between 3D and non-3D. It's supposed to be toggling but it doesn't under my system. I've run through several drivers. So I need to set up the switch to manually toggle Stereoscopic off for 2D and on for 3D with the "nvstlink.exe /enable and /disable" commands. I also have a handful of bluray folders. I can reconvert them and have been slowly but there's still a few scattered. .mkv for TV episodes stay internal Kodi.

So far I am working with 2D (though I've not been able to test 2D to 3D and back toggle because 3D batch file isn't working - it's not finding the player.) Internal mkvs are staying in Kodi. But 3D & .uhd files are not finding the player due to what I believe is some flaw in my filename / filetypes in playercorefactory.

What I notice in the logs is that for the 2D iso I see a line  that says "20:41:59.440 T:7584   DEBUG: CWinEventsWin32::WndProc: Focus switched to process C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD17\PowerDVD.exe" and since 2D works well I'm quite sure the problem is with the filenames. in both the 3D and UHD attempts to play, no such line exists in the Kodi logs. I've played around with different variations of playercorefactory and this is what I've got now for the results detailed above. I've been through the playercorefactory wiki and I'm missing something simple I'm pretty sure. If I need to post more details I have them but I thought I'd be concise considering I think I'm on the right path and just need a bit more of a push to get these players found.

 <rules action="prepend">
    <rule filename=".*HDR10.*|.*HDR.*|.*hdr.*|.*uhd.*" player="MPC-BE"/>
    <rule filename=".*.3D.*|.*.3D.iso|3D.*" player="PowerDVD3D"/>
    <rule filetypes="iso|bdmv|mpls|m2ts" player="PowerDVD2D"/>


Filename that is successful with 2D:              smb:\\UNRAID\Movies\Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)\Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).ISO
Filename that is not successful with 3D:        smb://UNRAID/Movies/Transformers The Last Knight.bluray.3D/Transformers The Last Knight.bluray.3D.iso
Filename that is not successful with 4K UHD:  smb://UNRAID/Movies/Wonder Woman (2017)/Wonder Woman [4k].uhd.iso

these are cut and paste from 3 different kodi logs. I do notice the single apostrophe is missing and the forward and backslashes are different in the filenames that don't work.

PS I realize there's an excellent guide that has been successful for many, many folks over the how-to section for completely setting this up, but those setups just haven't worked here as far as the auto 2d-3d thing so I'm at the point where I want to branch off and figure this out on my own Smile

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - twinpeaks - 2018-03-10


RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - brazen1 - 2018-03-12

I spent 4 hours remote into your system to help you as you watched.  All was perfect after diagnosing and fixing all your errors and incompatible hardware as you stated.  Now you are here saying it didn't work, that you are making a lot of progress developing something that is already developed, and you're going to branch off from the working system I got going for you and figure out how to fix what you broke again all by yourself.  And now you're here asking others how to do that. 

I suggest you reload the image backup I insisted you make before and after fixing your system for you, another thing you shared with others as if you discovered something no one else has.  If you ignored that, despite sharing how efficient it is for situations like the one you've presently got yourself into, you can always refer back to my guide and create another perfectly working setup again.  Except this time you will be forced to actually read it and digest the info alone no matter how too busy you are. 

You asked for pages of personal instruction on the thread which I assume was due to your 'time constraints' not reading or at least following the detailed instructions already provided.  You were given personal attention anyway but you failed to follow that personal instruction and instead complained nothing worked on the thread again.  It appeared a remote session into your PC was warranted and sure enough it was confirmed most if not all the 'fixes' personal attention provided to you on the thread were ignored.

When I see you putting up your own alterations to my working code, and then suggesting my code does not work, it concerns me.  Just setting the record straight that everything you're complaining of here is a new attempt at what you and I have already remedied elsewhere.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - twinpeaks - 2018-03-17


no no no no no no no. just no. not at all. not close.

The work we did together WAS successful. At this point I am branching off into other directions from that as a basepoint.

Paragraphs 3 and 4 of your message are completely offbase and inaccurate. While I greatly appreciate your time, I would also appreciate it if you'd stop following me around on this entire forum and insult me when I go elsewhere with questions.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - MarcoDruid - 2018-04-11

I would need a script to open MXplayer for local videos only, while for internet videos (via addon stream on demand), use the default skin player (Kodi Android).

It's possible?

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - testmetest - 2018-07-09

Has anyone had luck making Windows 10 Movies & TV an external player? In windows explorer, I can right click "open with Movies & TV" but I don't know what to put as the command line so to speak in playercorefactory.xml

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - PatK - 2018-07-15

FYI: With a properly defined playercorefactory.xml the external player function works well with some players and 17.6, but ATM a known issue with Alpha and return to core player on subsequent launch, patience please.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - DravinSharde - 2018-08-04

Hi, I've been trying to get MPC-HC set up as an external player and my playercorefactory.xml file seems fine, but there's a problem. When I go to play a video in Kodi, it runs in MPC-HC as it should, but when I close MPC-HC and the screen goes back to Kodi, Kodi launches the video again (in MPC-HC). This seems to repeat endlessly because every time I close the video, Kodi launches MPC-HC again to play it. I'm only able to stop the cycle by closing Kodi using Windows Task Manager. Is there any way to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Here's my playercorefactory.xml file if it helps:

<player name="MPC-HC" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<filename>C:\My Programs\MPC-HC\mpc-hc64.exe</filename>
<args>"{1}" /fullscreen /close</args>
<rules action="prepend">
<rule filetypes="mkv" videoaspect=".*1.33.*" player="MPC-HC"/>

EDIT: I forgot to mention I'm running Kodi Krypton on Windows 8.1.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - PatK - 2018-08-04


I don't think your specific issue is one of the external player, but perhaps the settings within OSD Kodi for auto-repeat, in 7 Sideblade Menu, Basic controls (wiki) check that (acess skin dependant atm). Using MPC-HC becomes your default player atm, (known issue) and hopefully will be adressed.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - DravinSharde - 2018-08-04

I've gone into the sideblade menu but there's nothing there about auto-repeat. I switched back to Estuary so that it would provide a common frame of reference, but I couldn't find auto-repeat anywhere in the sideblade menu. Where is it? There's nothing about auto-repeat on the basic controls page that you linked to either.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - PatK - 2018-08-05

Turning off auto repeat, can be a bit tricky basically it's hidden in the left side slider menu under playlists. Some skins offer this as an OSD button or more readily available option in the left menu slider. I didn't see it mentioned in the wiki, but it's is there in the side blade menu.

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - DravinSharde - 2018-08-05

Found it, and that fixed it, thanks!

RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - popy - 2018-08-10

@PatK :
I have created an ticket for the issue: https://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/17983#ticket

Have looked into the code and the PlayerCoreFactory.cpp looks good to me.
It matches the players depending on the rules, add the default and than all others which matches the type.
The log seems good, please see my ticket.

Do you have an clue where the issue could be?

The only call to GetDefaultPlayer() is in ApplicationPlayer.cpp here:

bool CApplicationPlayer::OpenFile(const CFileItem& item, const CPlayerOptions& options,
                                  const CPlayerCoreFactory &factory,
                                  const std:Confusedtring &playerName, IPlayerCallback& callback)
  // get player type
  std:Confusedtring newPlayer;
  if (!playerName.empty())
    newPlayer = playerName;
    newPlayer = factory.GetDefaultPlayer(item);

So maybe the playername is always passed as string here?
Can you please give me a hint where the issue is?


RE: [WINDOWS] External Player Support Thread - mv-- - 2018-08-10

Hi guys!

Can please anyone comment if it is possible to get screensaver working while video is on pause in external player?
External player (MPC) itself in standalone mode is controlling screensaver correctly and it does start when video is on pause. But once launched from Kodi seems that Kodi is disabling screensaver while external player is working. Can I change this behavior anyhow and enable screensaver?

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