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- Jester - 2009-02-17



- jcraven - 2009-02-18

Where did you find the Keymap.xml file? Did you have to create it? I searched my system after installing the latest version and couldn't find it.

- taxigps - 2009-02-18

moby-uk Wrote:@taxigps: I slightly changed the action that allowed you to bind launching the externalplayer to a key, you'll now need to use something like
this is so that, if you make the externalplayer the default, you can bind a key to launch the builtin player with something like

Just gotta persuade the devs to accept it now Eek

That's good. I wish you success to persuade the devs to accept it.Nod

- Jester - 2009-02-19

Can people please report if there are any functional issues with the current patch ? if not that I can ask the dev's to include this in the main SVN....

- Mindspin - 2009-02-19

Hi Jester,

I installed your latest build and I lost external player functionality. It had previously worked and I changed nothing. My advancedsettings is still the same. I'll post a log when I return tonight.

One other curious thing I noticed was that if I put in the video and external player settings in the advancedsettings xml as well as putting in a regexp setting for xbmc to find my TV shows properly, it depended on which was listed first for which would work. If I put the video stuff first then my external player would work and not the regexp stuff, and vice-versa.

However now, I have tried both ways and only the regexp works properly and my external player will not launch, it goes straight to the internal player only.

- Hitcher - 2009-02-19

Post your advancedsettings.xml because it sounds like it's set up wrong.

- Dannydeman - 2009-02-19

I'll look forward to try the keybinding stuff, so I can use the internal player for all SD/720P content and the external for FullHD. Just need to get AMBX to work for both.

- Mindspin - 2009-02-20

Ok, so I figured it out!

At the beginning of this thread, it says to create the advancedsettings.xml in \Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\XBMC on Vista which has worked well for me in the past. Now with this latest build, for some reason this is what showed up in the log

Quote:18:13:57 T:3632 M:1015685120 NOTICE: special://masterprofile/ is mapped to: C:\Program Files\XBMC\userdata
and then
Quote:18:13:57 T:3632 M:1013895168 NOTICE: No advancedsettings.xml to load (special://masterprofile/advancedsettings.xml

So when I moved it from the original location to the one that is mapped it works fine. I'm not sure why it changed, but apparently it has.

- jmarshall - 2009-02-20

This is because you are starting XBMC via a shortcut that has -p in it.

Remove said shortcut.

- Mindspin - 2009-02-20

Ok, thanks for the tip. Or can I just leave it be? Smile

- moby-uk - 2009-02-20

Mindspin Wrote:Ok, thanks for the tip. Or can I just leave it be? Smile

Remove the -p, it now means the opposite of what it used to Smile
It used to mean "store my XBMC profile in my windows profile folder", now it means "store my XBMC profile in the XBMC installation folder".

- Law77 - 2009-02-20

Hi guys

I've installed the latest Jester's build (Rev17788, thank you so much Wink ) and everything works fine, but if i switch video from monitor to my hdtv and then try to start xbmc it crashes at startup.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english Smile

- xexe - 2009-02-20

look for guisettings post in this forum. covered in depth

- Law77 - 2009-02-20

xexe Wrote:look for guisettings post in this forum. covered in depth

Thanks i've solved my problem deleting calibration blocks in guisettings.xml

- THX-UltraII - 2009-02-23

Is it also possible to auto-exit XBMC when I selected a movie and my external player starts running?

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