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- moby-uk - 2009-06-11

@tatoosh, @mark007

I don't have the code in front of me right now but I think a recent commit is missing a default for a value, as a workaround, adding


to the <externalplayer> node in your advancedsettings.xml should get you the old behaviour back.

For the record, the popup isn't new, it's been there for quite a while but only shown under some circumstances (when startuptime is 0), not sure what's happened to the button though, that may be bit-rot.

@mark007, the externalplayer is started by a separate thread, however that thread locks the graphicscontext because if it doesn't XBMC uses way too much CPU-time and can cause frame-drops on non-high-end machines.

- mark007 - 2009-06-11

Hi moby thanks for the info on that. What was using the cpu-time on non high end machines. I can only think of maybe if backdrops were changing, but other than that, it should use 0% right?

Definitely would love to see this improved though. I would naturally like to be able to alt-tab between apps from time to time. Lots of hanging of both XBMC and external player happens with the current setup. For example, I have ffdshow installed to do one or two things, but mostly for software de-interlacing. It is disabled by default but I often need to double click its icon on the taskbar and enable de-interlacing for a movie, and then double click my media player classic window to get back to fullscreen.

Currently this isn't possible because going back to mpc-hc's window, starts causing all sorts of hanging effects, none of which happen without xbmc in the mix. I know its not a priority for many users (external players), but I could never use xbmc itself for playback at present, not after getting used to the improving video renderers being implemented for mpc-hc. Just hoping the locking can be disabled in favour of some workaround for the slowdowns on older machines, or second best, a way to disable this blocking of the graphics interface for faster machines.

- moby-uk - 2009-06-12

XBMC uses lots of CPU time when it's doing nothing; it sits in a busy-loop.
The externalplayer bits have always locked the graphicscontext, from before the time I started looking at it. I did at one point consider trying to get a patch in to allow the EP to slow down that busy-loop whilst the EP was playing.

IMHO, the problem is that windows is brain dead, just because one application doesn't respond to window-manager requests that shouldn't completely mess up the entire platform's window management.

- tatoosh - 2009-06-12

what does your Moviestarter.Bat do?

- spiff - 2009-06-12

it's surely broken after the newest additition of multiple (external) players

- tatoosh - 2009-06-12

will the feature work in future times ?

- mark007 - 2009-06-12

tatoosh Wrote:@mark007
what does your Moviestarter.Bat do?

It just checks the movie against two lists, one list containing movies that don't need pal speed down (mostly music dvds), and another list containing movies that need de-interlacing (very few, this was needed because 99% of my dvd's are badly flagged as needing de-interlacing).

It just runs two .reg files depending on its findings and starts the movie like

"C:\Prog......" <arguments>

I actually found that using

start "" "C:\Prog...." <arguments> caused problems, the media player classic window wouldn't have focus, even though it would be on top.

Starting movies using the .bat without xbmc doesn't cause any hangs... I just wish there was a nicer workaround to the hanging problems... Could the blocking of the graphics context be done in a smarter way perhaps, like have some sort of button (maybe this is the ok button that I see mentioned in the gui), that can let xbmc respond again. I just am upset that media player classic gets affected at present, ie I can't minimize it, make changes to sound / video settings, and remaximize, it plays in the background but its window seems messed up somehow.

- tatoosh - 2009-06-12

okay thx.

- puddney - 2009-06-12

Hi all,

i have alot of 2 or 3 part movies, i am using SMPlayer to handle the operations, basically i am interested if it is possible to play stacked files as one instead of the external player closing and reopening to the 2nd or 3rd part.

I can set SMPlayer to load consecutive parts into the playlist on launch, but when the movie is finished xbmc launches the 2nd part.

Is there any solution for this?



- spiff - 2009-06-12

currently no

- tatoosh - 2009-06-12

i think with kmplayer u got a autmatic playlist.
u only have to choose the right (=same) filenames attached by a number.
hope that fits for u!?

- ashlar - 2009-06-13

moby-uk, I've read on trac about your work having been committed to SVN. While waiting for documentation, I wanted to thank you for all the time you poured into this.

- taxigps - 2009-06-17

I suggest that add some option in the advancedsettings.xml to force to play the first part of stacked movie only with external player. Because most of the player will play all the part themself.

- ashlar - 2009-06-17

Until moby-uk finds the time to provide documentation for the new features, it's tough to understand what can be done and what can't be done. I've tried reading about them in trac and it looks stupidly powerful, with regular expressions and all the goodies but... it's tough to digest.

You might want to have a look for yourself, maybe you'll grasp all the concepts in a minute. Smile

- CuFk - 2009-06-17

Hey guys!

I've been trying to get the external player to work, but it won't start at all as it seems.

I wanna get XBMC to use Windows Media Player since I have that player all setup with CoreAVC and AC3 Filter amongst other codecs.
Is it possible to get someone here to help me with the script for that?

I'm running XBMC on my TV and I'm launching it using UltraMon since I run in Dualview.

Is it possible to get the external player to run as the default player?


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