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- Grangey. - 2011-09-28

jabberwockie Wrote:Hello - do you mind posting your playercorefactory.xml file and exactly where you placed it. I too am trying to TMT5 to play. spent 4 hours going through this and other threads and have had no luck.

I dont have it to hand any more, but google "XBMC Grangey." and you should see a thread on avforums i created which includes the working playercorefactory file.

- Shinu - 2011-09-29

Question: how do add 2 different external players to the playercorefactory.xml? I want to use MPC and Windows Media Player for recorded tv shows. I'm sorry if this was asked already, but the thread's 112 pages so...:o

- jhsrennie - 2011-09-30

Shinu Wrote:Question: how do add 2 different external players to the playercorefactory.xml? I want to use MPC and Windows Media Player for recorded tv shows. I'm sorry if this was asked already, but the thread's 112 pages so...:o

Just add two <player name="etc" type="ExternalPlayer"> sections, one for each player, then add appropriate <rule ...> sections to select which player is used for which media.


- zpike1 - 2011-10-02

How to use VLC for playing f4v ?

- Duremary - 2012-01-29

Hello dear! Prompt please as to me to make external players of audio AIMP and video Potplayer I thank you for the help!!!
Have given the link: external players

http: // wiki.xbmc.org/? title=HOW-TO_u... media_playback

All that would be necessary for happiness that I were started
Players instead of built in.

Arrangement of audio of a software:

C: \Program Files \AIMP3 \AIMP3.exe

(All musical formats mp3 flac wav cue and т.дWink

Arrangement of video of a software:

C: \Program Files \PotPlayer \potplayermini.exe

(All video formats including mkv, HD 720p and FUUL HD 1080p, avi, (dvd it is not mandatory),

In advance huge gratitude!

Hd-dvd - Tyralyon - 2012-01-31


I have bought my first HTPC and trying to set it up.
Most things are working nicely, and I have even got it playing Bluray with Arcsoft Totalmedia using this guide.

The problem is that I also want HD-DVD playback. It works nicely out of the box with Totalmedia, but I can't seem to get it working with XBMC.

I've tried various things in playercorefactory; Bluray is using 'protocols="bd"', but I don't really understand how protocols work? Is there a set of built in triggers that gets triggered when you use it, and 'bd' is one of those triggers?
Is there an equal to 'bd' for HD-DVD?

One solution I found was to use 'filename=*.EVO', which sorta works.
It starts Totalmedia and I can watch the movie, but once I quit Totalmedia, it goes back to XBMC and instantly launches my batch-script and Totalmedia boots again. This procedure goes in loop.

I've spent quite a few hours on this now and it baffles me that I can't find anything about it. Perhaps my google skills are not 1337 enough...

- tria - 2012-02-02


I am using XBMC11, and I tried to setup 3D Vision as external player, but I have a couple of problems. First, this is my playercorefactory.xml file from my userdata (located in my User account)

    <player name="SBS-3D" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
     <filename>C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player\StereoPlayer.exe</filename>
     <args>"{1}" -il:SideBySideRF -ihw -fss -ol:NVIDIA -term</args>

  <rules action="prepend">
    <rule filetypes="mkv|ts" filename=".SBS.*" player="SBS-3D"/>

My problems:

1. When I try to name the movies with the ending .SBS.mkv for example, XBMC was not able to scrap the movie information successfully (it was not added to the library with poster etc, but you can find it in the files list). I was forced to takeout ".SBS" from the name just to make XBMC scrap the movie and add it to the library. This, however, negate the idea of adding the rule ".SBS.*" to play it with nVidia 3D Vision. Any way to make it ignore the last part to make the scrapping successful?

2. Because of 1, I was forced to press "C" over the movie, and then use "Open with...", and then choose my external player "SBS-3D". The player start playing fine, but when I close it (with ESC) and return back to XBMC, for some reason I am not aware of XBMC start playing the movie again but with the internal player, and I have to stop it to return again to the movies list. Any idea about what is causing this?

3. I noticed that "Open with..." and the my player "SBS-3D" appear even with movies that are not ending with ".SBS.*". Also it appears even with movies not of filetype "mkv|ts", which is strange. Could this be a mistake on my part, or could it be a bug in the XBMC beta?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- scudlee - 2012-02-02

1. You need to add "SBS" to the cleanstrings regexps in your advancedsetting.xml
Something like:
  <cleanstrings action="append">
   <regexp>[ _\,\.\(\)\[\]\-]sbs([ _\,\.\(\)\[\]\-]|$)</regexp>
Alternatively you could switch to using foldernames for lookup (assuming each movie is in it's own folder).

2. Not sure why it would be doing that, sorry.

3. All defined video players are available for all video files from the "Play using..." option, regardless of any rules. That's not a bug.

- tria - 2012-02-02

Thanks scudlee!
For part 1, this makes sense
For part 2, it is okay.
For part 3, good to know. But although not a bug, I think it would qualify as a feature request Smile
You really did me a favor, Thanks!

I am left with problem #2, why is it playing the movie twice (external, then internal). I tried "Stereoscopic Player" but with the same problem. If anyone know of what might be the reason I would be really happy to know. Thanks.

- collegebored - 2012-02-12

About to give up on this, it's not making sense to me..

   <player name="MPC-HC" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
     <filename>C:\Program Files\Media Player Classic - Home Cinema\mpc-hc64.exe</filename>
     <args>"{1}" /fullscreen /close</args>
   <player name="PowerDvd" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
     <filename>C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD11\PowerDVD11.exe</filename>
<rules action="prepend">
   <rule filetypes="mkv" filename=".*720p.*" player="MPC-HC"/>
   <rule name="Blu-Ray" protocols="bd" player="PowerDvd"/>

opening an mkv file works fine, MPC opens in full screen and plays the file.
but clicking on "Play Disc" in the main menu pops up "Working..." for half a second in the bottom right corner and then nothing happens.

Any suggestions?

- DDDamian - 2012-02-12

You can get (on Windows) DTS-MA/TrueHD out-of-the-box now thx to some fine work by DanielaE.

Here's an installable version: XBMC Beta 3 + HD-Audio + Global AV Delay

No external player required. For more info visit the thread here

- FreddieP786 - 2012-02-13

Hi there everyone, was wondering if anyone has a playercorefactory.xml file that they have edited for using kmplayer as external player. I am not the best when it comes to any sort of coding.

Could someone please post their file if they dont mind? Would love to look through all the pages but it will take forever.

- rossf87 - 2012-03-07

I have recently updated my HTPC to include a Blu-Ray drive and now I am having serious issues with trying to my external player set up correctly and was wondering if anyone could shed any light.

My intention was to set up XBMC to boot into an external player (PowerDVD 11) only when a blu ray is inserted and I hit play disc on the menu and that part of it works absolutely fine, everything is exactly how I want it. However now all my other files (avi & mkv mainly) are also causing the external player to boot up.

In my playercorefactory file I have tried the following rules, both of which continue to load the external player for all file types, when in theory they should (assuming I am correct) only start the external player in when I am playing from physical media:

rule protocol="bd"
rule filename="*D:\*"

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas what I am doing wrong?! I am racking my brain as if I can get this sorted XBMC will be exactly how I want it! Cheers

- scudlee - 2012-03-07

If you're using Dharma, you can get away with protocols="bd". (The s is important, otherwise everything will match it, as you've seen.)

As far as I'm aware, though, the bd protocol no longer works in Eden. You had the right idea with the filename, it just needs to be a regexp - try using filename="D:\\.*", that should match anything on a disc. If you want it for blu-rays specifically, you could use it with filetypes="bdmv" (again, mind the s). So,

<rule filetypes="bdmv" filename="D:\\.*" player="whatever you called the player">

should work just for blu-ray discs. It does for me.

(To include DVDs in the same rule, you could use filetypes="bdmv|ifo".)

- pkscout - 2012-03-07

scudlee Wrote:<rule filetypes="bdmv" filename="D:\\.*" player="whatever you called the player">

Just FYI, this is not valid XML and will result in the playercorefactory not loading at all. It should be:

<rule filetypes="bdmv" filename="D:\\.*" player="whatever you called the player" />

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