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MiniMeedia - New Skin - skunkm0nkee - 2009-01-25

Since the release of MediaStream there have been quite a few comments relating to the fact that some users wanted to see more of the fanart and that they thought the MediaStream UI covered up too much of the backgrounds.

Once v1.00 was released I began work on a new skin where the core concept was to keep as much of the background visible as possible, whilst keeping the skin clean, tidy and usable.

A number of MediaStream users have been making requests for additions and changes to that skin in the last few weeks so I thought it was probably a good time to post some screenshots of the new skin to show that we are still active, even though MediaStream is not our current focus.

A final point I want to make clear is that currently this skin is not yet a Team Razorfish collaboration as it's just been me working on it so far (there is another skin also in the works from other members of the team). The plan is to finish coding the various dialogs and other screens and then discuss it with the designers on the team so that they can give their artistic input and add a bit more style/polish to the skin.

This is nowhere near a finished skin and as such it's unlikely it will be released for another few months but I thought it was important to let people know that things are moving along.

Please don't make requests for features, changes or additions as we won't be looking for that type of feedback until it's officially released.

Enough of the flannel, here's the screenshots! Nod

Home screen:

Movie Poster view:

TV Show Info:

Music Showcase-style view:

- xbs08 - 2009-01-25


- coredalae - 2009-01-25

must say.


will definatly use this when its done.

- Hitcher - 2009-01-25


- artik - 2009-01-25

Great start. I'll keep an eye on this topic and starting to wait. Gook luck !

- rwparris2 - 2009-01-25

Looking very nice Smile
I particularly like the movie poster view.
I'm interested to see how that TV Show Info view would look with poster-style icons instead of banner ones, though.

I'm sure you (and team razorfish, if you guys decide to collaborate on this) will come up with something awesome.

- Discaciate - 2009-01-26

WOW! That look gorgeous. Mediastream is by far my favorite skin, and this one looks like the only one that can take its place. I can hardly wait for it! Big Grin

Just out of curiosity: In the second photo, we are seeing album view or the coverflow?

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-01-26

Discaciate Wrote:Just out of curiosity: In the second photo, we are seeing album view or the coverflow?

Not sure what you mean by album view and to me a coverflow view has angled covers in it? Huh

If you are asking if the posters will animate when moving through the list then the answer is yes, they will.

- lompelurt - 2009-01-26

Looks great. Espically I like the TV Show view.

- smcnally75 - 2009-01-26

Excellent job! I really like this concept!

- Louike - 2009-01-26

good work, it looks awesome!

- jhonny30 - 2009-01-26

i can't see anything...?!?!

- paul - 2009-01-26

jhonny30 Wrote:i can't see anything...?!?!
You have to click on the links the pictures are not hosted here

- neoanderson2002 - 2009-01-26

I really love the concept! Instantly recognizable MediaStream flair to it and fanart focus. I can't wait for this to come out! Keep up the great work Skunkmonkee and Razorfish team!

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-01-26

paul Wrote:You have to click on the links the pictures are not hosted here

The pictures are embedded in the first post are they not? I don't have to click on anything I just see them in the post.

Is anyone else having problems seeing the images?