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"Container"-based navigation? - w3__ - 2009-01-28

Hi guys,

Is there any reason that, in most plugin navigation, I have to go INTO a 'folder' with the name of a movie/video, and then click on the name again once inside? Is that some kind of XBMC plugin API limitation?

Obviously it would be lovely if we didn't have to do this. Any expert plugin developers have any ideas?


- Voinage - 2009-01-29

The amount of folders depends on how difficult it is to resolve the true media path.

You may have to get one url, then create another and pass it to the episode section, then finally scrape the video file url.

It would be nice to just click and away you go but life is a snarling spitting monster which rarely grants requests.

- w3__ - 2009-01-29


- EvilDude - 2009-01-29

In terms of coding, it would be nice if plugin developers could add a file that points back to the plugin, but the plugin resolves a URL.

Eg it could be something as simple as running the same script, but instead of xbmc.endOfDirectory etc, it could be xbmc.returnFile( );

This would eliminate the need for having a 'folder' to resolve to true media path with just one URL inside.