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Compiling XBMC in Debian Etch - chihau - 2009-01-31

Hi everybody, I am trying to compile xbmc source code for debian etch, I have readed the README.linux and I followed the steps:

-I have downloaded the svn source code
-I have installed via apt-get the packages for compile xbmc, less libfaac-dev becouse I haven't found this package in debian etch
-I have installed distcc and ccache via apt-get
-I have use ./configure without errors but when I am compiling with the make command, I have the next error:

libsmbclient.cSad.text+0x1757): referencia a `__stack_chk_fail' sin definir
xbmc/lib/libsmb/libsmbclient-i486-linux.a(libsmbclient.o):libsmbclient.cSad.text+0x1f98): más referencias a `__stack_chk_fail' sin definir a continuación
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [xbmc.bin] Error 1

I have installed libsmbclient via apt-get but the error still appear

How can explain me about that ?


- topfs2 - 2009-01-31

Try altering the Makefile according to:
remove line 316 (should be xbmc/lib/libsmb/libsmbclient-i486-linux.a )
add line 93 -lsmbclient

You would also need to apt-get libsmbclient-dev

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