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Series "Special" from TV DB as Movies - acaranta - 2009-02-01

I was wondering if someone, like me, thought that serie episode classified in Season "Specials" whould be treated seperatly.

I mean most of the time Series Specials are Movies, OAVs, etc and could be seen, not in the Series main category but in the Movies main.

I plan to code a special tvdb scraper for this purpose, but I wanted to have you opinion before.

I think it would be nice to find Naruto Movies in the Movie section instead of ... well nowhere actually, Because afaik specials episodes are not return by tvdb API in the "all season" list.

So ? anyone think I should go on and code ? Wink

- spiff - 2009-02-02

personally i like them where they are at. what could be done is a way to flag them as such , much like the link movie to tvshow stuff works

- acaranta - 2009-02-07

You're right actually ... I didn't see the Specials were used at first :p

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