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- eQUIV - 2009-03-08

Wow, that video looked awesome. Can't wait. Well done.

- bobrooney_78 - 2009-03-08

wow, really amazing video...and after 3 years of PM3 i think it's time to supply xbmc with a new default look - maybe with Aeon? Wink

- Bram77 - 2009-03-08

Team XBMC must be very grateful for your patience and skills. And you must be very grateful for the amazing skinning engine they've build. Incredible! You're a visionary, you create the future and have raised the bar .... again!

I'm wondering, the hard work you do must bring a lot of attention to your skills. Is there a commercial company that has taken interest in your services? I'm guessing you could make a good salary from designing interfaces...

- djh_ - 2009-03-08

xbmc.01 Wrote:breathtaking... can't wait...

You don't have to, Mr Xbox porter. Wink

- Villain - 2009-03-08

In motion is looks even better. I cannot believe this skin is going to be free.

*starts preparing for Stark*

- needtotest - 2009-03-08

Simply incredible!

Will there be a view for the amt script?

Know you are not looking for requests but on all skins the rss is scrolling - and when you get back to the home screen it starts over...not that usuable for news. So how about placing it center and hae the headlines move up? and let the user navigate to the rss feed line and select up/down to browse the news?

Looking forward to 30/03/09...

/needtotest (would love to test this skin)

- superludox - 2009-03-08

Wel, sincerely I would like to thank you for the pleasure you give me with such brilliant work. I can hardly believe a "normal" dailylife human can do such great things. Which planet are you exactly from ?
When released this skin is the default XBMC skin for sure. Your work will push XBMC another step beyond. It is this kind of work that brings a great piece of code to success. I wish some guys in Redmond could put as much talent and determination in their softs as you did !

Standing ovation Nod

- eQUIV - 2009-03-08

Oh for those interested... watch the clip in HD, without the frame restriction with this link...


I was told youtube restricts higher framerates on HD videos to save bandwidth, but you can add the following code to the end of ANY HD clip to watch in fullmotion.


- xbmc.01 - 2009-03-08

djh_ Wrote:You don't have to, Mr Xbox porter. Wink

Does that mean I can get a shot at optimizing this for xbox? Smile how soon can that happen?

- smcnally75 - 2009-03-08

xbmc.01 Wrote:Does that mean I can get a shot at optimizing this for xbox? Smile how soon can that happen?

you already have access to the testing forum. Go in there and get downloading Smile

- natew - 2009-03-08

I'm glad I found the earlier posted HD link; beats the hell out of youtube. (For convenience: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/435063/AeonStark_Beta_Preview.zip)

I've got to admit, I recently changed to MediaStream because I think it currently handles music better, but here's hoping Stark will bring me back to Aeon.

Nice work djh, I can't wait to see it in person!

- cptplanet - 2009-03-08

amazing work! the video looks great, cant wait til the 30th Wink

- El Massman - 2009-03-08

i would actually give my left nut to be playing with this right now...

- joebrady - 2009-03-08

You sir have problems.

- Discaciate - 2009-03-08

To the beta testers: What happens when you change the XBMC language?
Does other languages work fine?

I really wish to know that (but I won't give my left nut for it).