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Movie Genre - Posters (Release thread) - asphinx - 2009-02-11

The usual direct link <-- Totally updated to reflect the new awesome-ness!

UPDATE 14.11 | Thanks to danmedhurst, Fiinix Design is back!

UPDATE 14.10 | Yes I'm still alive
Yes I'm still alive, and a lot has changed since I was last very active. As all of you probably know life and whatnot has a tendency to get in the way of the best of us, my regards to you Duncan and every one else who is not as active at the moment. I know what it's like. And if anyone has tried getting into carlos.edgefive.com this past week will probably have noticed a lack of.. well you know.. a lack of the entire 'effin website. Needless to say, it's up again now. I needed to alter it to accommodate certain changes in my life. And all the files you could want are there. Probably elsewhere too as I have noticed that my Posters seem to be included in some skins by default, oh how it warms my heart to see that You appreciate my work. And hopefully someday I'll have the time to finish what I started.

UPDATE 9.04 | 20 Posters for you to enjoy!

The Silhouettes are now available for TV Shows as well. Only 18 Genres this time (as according to thetvdb.com) + the root Posters (TV Shows & Recent TV Shows) to match the style of this Pack. In case your wondering, yes there still Vivid.. but let's call it Vivid Rust... or something.. Smile You'll get it when you see them.. Link at the top, as usual. Enjoy!

UPDATE 7.04 | 63 Posters for you to enjoy!

Yeah I just can't seem to stop making these Genre Posters, but for good reasons (Custom Posters in Library courtesy of CF2009). Anyways, I've now organized the Posters so it would a little easier to see which are the important ones, and which are mostly for the heck of it. Smile

FYI, Yes I'm still making the coloured ones, I just paused them while trying to make a complete Genre Set first..

Root (4)
Contains, well just that.. the root Posters (movies, recent movies, tv shows & recent tv shows... rename according to your own demise)
Default (3)
Three default Posters, basically fallback Posters in case there is a genre I have not made, though how unlikely that might sound.. *joking*
Genres (45)
This is probably what you're after, contains 45 different Genre Posters, also now including Short which for reasons unknown got missed even though it was on the to-do list.
Extras (11)
Posters that for various reasons didn't make the final cut, their done... I just didn't like how they looked.. (original History, Smart & Disaster moved here.. Smart beacuse it's not a genre, yes I'm looking at you digitalhigh.. Wink )

UPDATE 24.03 | 42 Posters for you to enjoy!

Movie Genre Posters available. A collaboration between myself and digitalhigh. It's my original Movie Genre Posters, but expanded to 42 Posters courtesy of digitalhigh. You'll find them in the NEW place called Bonus.

Removed list of genres, due to growing inaccuracies, as the pack seems to want to expand all the time.. Wink

- joebrady - 2009-02-11

Is there anyway to get these to work with the library?

- Rand Al Thor - 2009-02-11

It says you are accepting requests? It would be great if you could do one for "Family" and also if you could upload the original film image and font info so that we can make our own. I have made "custom" genres through .nfos. So I would be interested in making one for Christmas, Halloween, etc. Cheers.

- asphinx - 2009-02-11

I have no idea if or how you can get these to work with Library view, as earlier mentioned I prefer File view. Hopefully someone else knows more on that subject?

True I am accepting requests. It's more for Game Posters, but consider your request duly noted and for the updated Movie Genre Posters, I will most certainly make a Family one as well. (As well as many others) Smile
I'll have to look through my files, as it has been a while since I made these I cannot guarantee that the .psd files still exists. But if I can find them I suppose I could release that as well. Would that do? Wink

- Rand Al Thor - 2009-02-11

Sounds great! Thanks again.

- jtap06 - 2009-02-11

Thanks so much asphinx! You are the man. Smile I'll look forward to your future releases as well.

- MrTourettes - 2009-02-12

joebrady Wrote:Is there anyway to get these to work with the library?

I asked this question about the music library in a thread a few days ago but that thread just seemed to dissapear. No PM or anything to explain why it just got deleted.

- Nuka1195 - 2009-02-12

thank you Smile

- sialivi - 2009-02-12


Great pack, just what I needed. Here are some more requests (I know some of these are really sub-genres, but they would still be very useful): "Anime", "Adult", "Western", "Crime", "Documentary", "Film Noir", "Romance", "Supernatural", "War", "Biographical", "Concert"

- kautious - 2009-02-12

joebrady Wrote:Is there anyway to get these to work with the library?

So far as I know, to change the icons for library view you have to rewrite/change the code in XBMC. You might have to ask some of the King Developers if XBMC

- asphinx - 2009-02-16

joebrady --> Found this, in response to the question I was unable to answer earlier.

I haven't tried it myself yet, as I'm at work. But reasonably it should work! Smile

- asphinx - 2009-02-21

Update. See first post. Wink

- freezy - 2009-02-22

Looking nice! Not so sure why you burned the title into the poster, since it's already indicated by the skin. I'm looking forward to the rest of them Smile

- asphinx - 2009-02-22

Some skins have view types that only indicate it when it's selected (Aeon showcase view comes to mind). Rest assure though, I am actually planning on making alternatives without text. Smile

- super_sobbie - 2009-02-26

I love them... I do wish that they worked with Library mode since taht is what I use... but still great job... I would add a Animation on onto the to do list if I had it working in library mode.

Well anyway... just thought I would say Great work.


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