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- WheresWaldo - 2011-03-08

asphinx Wrote:Yeah, sometimes I've wished that xbmc would support .svg format for the ui. Do you rescale the silhouettes in Photoshop then, because otherwise xbmc algorithm might make a mess of your the quality. I say might, because I'm not actually sure what algorithm xbmc uses when it up/down- scales things.

Sorry I didn't answer this earlier, what I was doing was using the biggest image xbmc displays for the particular skin I was creating the theme for. In the case of Alaska.Revisited it was 450 pixels on the shortest side, it seems that downsizing is ok with xbmc, it is just upscaling that sucks. Also since I did not have the grunge background the files were not substantially bigger than the originals.

When I was trying to convert them I created the images at 1000 px. X 1000 px. so that I would not end up with a bunch of artifacts and smoother transitions and then only shrank the file just before saving as a .png, keeping the original .psd at the original resolution.

RE: Movie Genre - Posters (Release thread) - danmedhurst - 2013-01-03

Does anyone know how to get hold of asphinx?

I host his website but he's not responding to emails.. Wanted to talk to him about getting hold of his template for his "Reels" posters.. have a few i would like to make but the link he had is dead.


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