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- ekim232 - 2009-03-13

Those look great. Thanks again for the work you are putting in on these.

- asphinx - 2009-03-13

Here's a quick removal of the texture layer. The glossy effect is actually a side-effect of the technique I use, I'll have too see how I would go about as to replicate that without textures. But at least you have some sort of comparison here. Smile


- digitalhigh - 2009-03-13

Yes. the textured ones are dead sexy, no doubt about it. But the untextured would fit Serenity like a glove. Consider this my request for a custom set, perhaps?

- asphinx - 2009-03-13

Consider your request duly noted. Smile Also on a sidenote, I'm hoping to get them done by next week, fingers crossed but not making any promises.

- digitalhigh - 2009-03-13

asphinx Wrote:Consider your request duly noted. Smile Also on a sidenote, I'm hoping to get them done by next week, fingers crossed but not making any promises.

Awesome. My intended release date is early april at the latest, so that will work out nicely.

On another note, are you still working on the original set as well, or is this your primary project now?

- asphinx - 2009-03-13

If by original mean the ones that featured screens from movies then the answer is yes, I just paused them whilst making these Silhouette Posters. As soon as these are done, I'll finalize the improved version of the original ones.

- asphinx - 2009-03-17

Not to blow my own horn, but the first post has been updated. And for good reasons. Wink

- digitalhigh - 2009-03-17

Looks AWESOME! Didn't want to threadjack, so I posted a couple of shots in the Serenity thread with the full set in action.

*one thing*

file should be "animation.jpg", not "animated.jpg". Wink

Oh, and I found that the vivid ones actually look better. Crispier. Very nice work.

- asphinx - 2009-03-18

You are absolutely right, how did Animated slink through? Well, hopefully you can oversight with it for now (and rename it yourself).. I'll see if if I have time to change and update the Packs this weekend. With any luck I might be able to squeeze in the root folders as well. Smile

- Ravenscar - 2009-03-18

Thank you, really great thumbs, I love all of them! I have organized all my movies into genres, and it looks awesome with your thumbs, amazing eye candy !!! Smile

However could you make some extra/alternative thumbs:

1. MARTIAL ARTS, where is the Asian love, lol Big Grin
2. Medieval/Ancient world looking thumb for History genre, maybe crossed swords with a helmet,
3. A nuclear explosion for Apocalypse/Disaster genre, mushroom cloud or bio hazard sign would be great.
4. Big skull for Horror genre, I would love that instead of the reaper.
5. Could you add a bat (and moon) to the Supernatural to include some vampire love?
6. Harry Potter logo, big movie serie, btw make one for Star Wars too :p maybe TV Shows could be next.
7. A keyhole for Mystery would be nice, like on 1408 poster.

8. and last but not least, could you make a thumb for GNOMON, with their logo. I've got a large collection of GNOMON movies.

And I would like to see some colored versions, instead of gray. Like a green Nature, red Adult, brown History.

Just some ideas, many many thanks in advance!

BTW, the Vivid ones look best, so my request is for that style.

- Ravenscar - 2009-03-18

I'm very good with PS, so I could help to create more thumbs for everyone. If you could post the PSD I would be a happy man :p

- asphinx - 2009-03-18

That's a lot of ideas.. Big Grin Always appreciated of course, but let me think a little.

1. A very good one, I will make sure it will be a part of the Poster-Pack when I release the root Posters. Smile
2. Honestly, though a good suggestion I feel the current one fits the the genre quite nicely, then again. the Roman times for example are equally historic as the current one. I'll have consider that one for now.
3. A mushroom cloud silhouette could work with the current style of the Posters. But a biohazard sign would not. As it may, I'm not that fond of the tornado/cow one. I feel it could portray the message better, and a mushroom silhouette might work.
4. No, it would clash with the style of the Posters. However I do coincidentally have one with just a large skull, which I did as a prototype before I had finalized the style. See bottom of post for full size, ready to download. Wink

5. Kinda funny (in a good way) idea, I'm gonna try that one and see what it looks like.
6. As a separate Poster-Pack it's actually not a bad idea, "The Anthology Poster-Pack" if you will. But not as a part of this Pack. I'll put on my "maybe" -list.
6b. I'm not quite seeing the purpose of doing TV Shows, http://thetvdb.com has that quite nicely covered already, more variety as well. Or I'm just not getting what you had in mind.
7. Hmm.. It might also break the style of the Posters, but if I find myself bored this weekend I might try it out just to see what it looks like. Smile

8. Tried googling it, still not quite sure what it is?

I actually had already thought of coloured versions, though that would be separate Packs, not individual Posters in different colours as I feel that would just make things looks chaotic. Think "Vivid, Deep Red" as apposed to "Adult, Deep Red". If anyone wants to mix n' match afterward I'll leave that up to the users.

Hopefully you won't be to disapointed now, but for now I'll hold on to my PSD files. When I'm done making the Posters I suppose I could release them if you're still interested, but not quite yet.

Anything else? Wink

Horror [Prototype]

- Ravenscar - 2009-03-18

Hey Asphinx, thanks for the reply. I'm a noob with XBMC to be honest. I'm busy setting up my media center, and sorting movies into genres was a great idea.

1. A martial arts thumb would be cool, thanks Smile
2. It's not a replacement but more a nice extra, I like epic movies set in medieval and ancient times and napoleon looks strange in my library. just a matter of taste. Maybe it's an idea to split it up into sub genres, like Ancient World, Dark Ages and euh the time after that :p
3. we would all love a big mushroom cloud Big Grin
4. thanks, could you double the size of the skull? it looks creepy, i like it
5. yeah, a full moon would fit in the theme with vampires, werewolves, witches and other gothic monster movies :p
6. I added tv shows to my library today, and there is absolutely no point to make a stylish thumb for them. The posters look great. I also moved HP and SW to the genre folders, not really needed.
7. yeah, I'm more a symbol/icon minded person, maybe it's an idea for a seperate set or alternatives. i would also like a mask with music notes for drama, makes browsing easier i guess.
8. gnomon are video tutorials for digital artists, i watch them a lot while working, that's why i want to add them to xbmc. However I don't really know how? Confused maybe as tv shows because there are multiple lessons. But I guess I will make the logo thumb myself, it's easy with PS. I also have a large collection of documentaries and guitar lessons, and i'm not sure if i have to add them to movies or tv shows Confused it's confusing, would be easier if i could add links in the main menu, but like i said i'm a noob Smile

coloured ones would be nice to mix, especially green and red, but i already love your set in graphite, very stylish Big Grin

thanks again!

- asphinx - 2009-03-19

1-3. On my request list.
4. Possibly this weekend.
5. On the to-do-list
6. Smile
7-8. Okay, now I at least understand what kind of video genre they would fit into. Again, as I want to keep the style of the Posters consistent, I won't personally be making anyone Posters with symbol/icons in that sense. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for symbolism, but that's also the reason why I wanted to part from it for these Posters, do something fresh and new. However, I'm thinking that a "tutorial" Poster might not be such a bad idea. And as you mentioned you know your PS, it would easy for you to add the gnomon logo yourself.

You know, you could use documentaries.jpg for Documentaries and music.jpg for Guitar Lessons, just a suggestion.. Big Grin

- Ravenscar - 2009-03-19

I like the extra thumbs already, big thumbs up Big Grin

Yes, I did use those thumbs for guitar etc, looking very good in Aeon Nod

happy photoshopping Wink

i will upload the Gnomon thumb here if you don't mind, have to add the movies first and test it all.

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