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- asphinx - 2009-03-28

Sorry sho, they're not part of any pack yet. They will be included with the updated Silhouettes pack. Which will be released hopefully at the end of next week.

- Louike - 2009-03-28

Nice stuff man, thanks for sharing!

- asphinx - 2009-03-28

Your welcome. Return occasionally for updated Packs, and more Posters. Smile

- Halibutt - 2009-04-01

So, what's the status of using this precious piece of art in library mode? They would look astonishing in Aeon Stark...

- asphinx - 2009-04-01

The status seems uncertain, from a XBMC integrated viewpoint at least. I posted a ticket (#6011) for it a couple of weeks ago, which was bumped to milestone 9.10.

Digitalhigh did however post a solution on page 2 about making it work. I fooled around with it a bit, but never fully implemented it (digitalhigh did integrate it into Serenity though) so feel free to try adding that to Aeon and see how it works.. Smile

- asphinx - 2009-04-01

Enjoy the update. See first post. Smile

- asphinx - 2009-04-07

Bumping due to updated content.. a.k.a. more Posters and Custom Posters in Library now possible in Serenity and Aeon (with mod)..

- digitalhigh - 2009-04-08

Looking good man! Howabout TV genres? The posters are now shown in both TV and movie categories, and I'd like to flesh out that collection with something similar to the pack I made up, but maybe using a different frame or something?

- asphinx - 2009-04-08

I'm gonna give you a maybe for now, as I not quite sure what you had in mind? How do you specify a TV Genre? Or are you thinking more in the lines of same silhouettes on a different background?

- digitalhigh - 2009-04-08

asphinx Wrote:I'm gonna give you a maybe for now, as I not quite sure what you had in mind? How do you specify a TV Genre? Or are you thinking more in the lines of same silhouettes on a different background?

Wellp, this is what my TV genres currently looks like:


The other categories that don't display are Mini-series, Reality, Science Fiction, Soap, and Action/Adventure.

As far as being able to tell XBMC whether or not to use TV or Movie posters, that part is easy...

I guess, what I'm looking for is a set like the ones I'm currently using, but that also is clearly identifiable as being for TV and not Movies...

- asphinx - 2009-04-08

I tried looking into it a bit, and these are the genres I found according to thetvdb.. I'm searching for inspiration to see if you can maybe come up with some Posters.. (Though I'm very appealed by the thought of doing Vivid TV Posters..)

I actually got so into the idea that I started researching exactly how many genres one would need to do for Music as well.. (much thanks to your work with custom Library icons, which also is the only reason I'm actually going from File view to Library view atm)

According to allmusic it doesn't seem like as many as I originally thought..

Anyway, here's the TV genres, does this look adequate?

Action and Adventure
Game Show
Home and Garden
Special Interest
Talk Show

- digitalhigh - 2009-04-08

Yes, that looks very good. I'd be able to do a set like the ones I did for movies if you made me some kind of template again. Wink

- Nazgulled - 2009-04-08

Awesome work man, honestly... This is something I've always wanted on XBMC, specially in the Music department, are you considering doing the same for the Music section?

Maybe the same style won't actually work, I don't know where you get all those silhouette images (maybe you make them?) but if you need ideas to make something different for music, maybe you could take a look at iTunes? This was the first app where I saw covers (for music of course) for each one of the genres in the iTunes library, it looked awesome.

I know that right now you're probably busy with the TV section, but after that, will you consider music?

- asphinx - 2009-04-08

I am making TV Genre Posters as we speak, albeit in the style of The Silhouettes Vivid.. But I can think about it and see if I can come up with some sort of template for your idea.. Smile

- Nazgulled - 2009-04-08

Was that an answer to me or the previous posters? If it was for me, that was quick lol...

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