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- markiz - 2009-03-02

Rocky5 Wrote:The smaller the textures the better performance you will get on xbox as you don't have a lot of memory i am now using PM3-HD and my tron theme for it as this seems to be the best working skin on xbox.

if you are wanting it to work then you can have everything on but you will need to use a new xpr with textures resized mine or pauls see what one works best i do have an xbox with 128mb off ram but this does nothing lol apart from make it harder to see if you save memory or not so am on the same boat as every one else with the New Skins.

Could you be more specific? Should I replace "Horizonz V4 lite for xbox\media\Textures.xpr" with another .xpr file?

If yes, which .xpr file should I use (I don't know which one is yours and wich ones is pauls):

Black + Hard Gloss.xpr
Black + Soft Gloss.xpr
Black + Sun Burst.xpr
White + Hard Gloss.xpr
White + Soft Gloss.xpr
White + Sun Burst.xpr

Those are the files in the "Horizon_vol4 Textures+frames Pack".

I'm confused...

- paul - 2009-03-02

Place all those files in your skins media folder the "textures.xpr" replaces the original one and when you go into appearance settings you can change the look of my default dvd/episode frames with one of rocky's frame packs to use them change the skin theme and see which you like best...Smile

- markiz - 2009-03-06

Thanks. It's all working now :-)

Is the "season-name W:0 U:5" new? Can I disable that text?

- paul - 2009-03-07

Sorry have no idea. but you do get used to it in time