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- johnny utah - 2009-10-14

FYI I sent a personal message and an email to phyek a couple of weeks ago asking about the status did not hear back Sad

Hopefully there's a chance someone else could develop it, if phyek isn't available and he agrees.

- natew - 2009-10-14

I don't want to speculate too much, but I imagine if phyek was working on this (not saying that he is).. he'd probably wait to post anything about it until he had a fair bit of progress. At the moment these are just mockups with 0% coding, so there's a ton of work to be done.

Again, I'm not saying he is working on this, just that silence on his part doesn't necessarily mean he's not.

- exabyte55242 - 2009-10-17

it looks absolutely awesome, r u still working on it? DonĀ“t let the concept die..please...

- stylisticz - 2009-11-29

phyek Wrote:Hi. This is a concept that I started for a VMC plugin which never went anywhere

im new here, pretty much only have messed with vista media center, i was lookin around and discovered xbmc (i know where have i been, under a rock!!!) but the interface is absolutly fantastic and the skins being developed are amazing...when you say vmc plugin do you mean vista media center?? cuz a plugin for that, that looked like this would be a match made in heaven...i dont know which way to go since media center has tv intergration and from the things i have read xbmc it doesnt support recording tv and so forth...but anyways, if by VMC you mean vista media center then i would totally wish you would develop something for media center cuz your mockups are breathtakingly amazing

- natew - 2009-11-29

That plugin is called OpenMediaLibrary, and it's still in development. It's available here and with a forum here. Phyek posting those screens over there had me rather excited for a while, but when that didn't pan out I found xbmc, so that's a positive.

- stylisticz - 2009-11-29

oh, so phyek was working on oml or was part of oml...well thats pretty cool, too bad it didnt pan out...boy do i wish it did, that woulda been great, ive never tried oml but from what ive seen, it doesnt seem to flow like phyek's mockups looked like they would

- MacGyver - 2009-11-30

Looks cool, first time seeing this.

What troubles me is why or how can people on xbmc forums ever say "Can't be done."

If you want that cool wall view, just make it, "but it takes too much cpu power", so change your approach.
The way I see it, all you need to do is ask Gamester17 to code a "take a silent screen-shot between coordinates x,y and x,y"->"give that screenshot a texture name"->put it in front of the current view"->"stretch it or skew until your happy"
It will then take up very little cpu power, and will look like you are manipulating the entire wall with all its icons, but you'll be using the cpu of skewing one texture.

Plus we could then use it for creating reflections of menus and other text.
My 2 cents.

- MaDDoGo - 2010-03-18

Hi, I tried to mod files uploaded before the server fall. I want to know what I did wrong... I think all is ok, but it doesn't work at all...

Here is the Code of VideoNav: http://pastebin.com/CpgcFJDj

- wstewart - 2010-03-18

Beatzeps08 do you think you could re-up your concept skin of videos?
I found the mediafire link in google cache, but the file seems to be gone on mediafire.

- circle_ - 2010-03-18

has anyone been able to make any more mods or advancements with this since the site went down?

can't wait to get some time on my hands to have a crack myself.

- MaDDoGo - 2010-03-18

Here they are the files uploaded by Beatzeps08. Credits for him.


And here there is a file with two views (VideoNav.xml http://pastebin.com/CpgcFJDj




- How can I fix the poster to the center?
- Why videooverlay changes name depending on the windows I amHuhHuh?

- Hitcher - 2010-03-18

You need to change it to a 'fixedlist' instead of a 'panel' and add <focusposition>4</focusposition>.

videooverlay works fine for me.

- MaDDoGo - 2010-03-18

Thanks Hitcher, you are the master!!!!

Here there are the Lineup view with fixed poster in the middle : http://pastebin.com/KtP87gs8

Do you know why I can't change viewsHuh

For overlay, I want to say this: http://pastebin.com/T3Cb9rVy

Label changes depending on wich window is selected :S


- Hitcher - 2010-03-18

I've fixed a few little things for you here (including the view change) -


The video overlay is fine for me as I said, it always displays what it's playing.

- MaDDoGo - 2010-03-18

Wow, thank you very much Hitcher! I've been waiting for forums to go live again to fix this and in one minute you have it... Big Grin

Like you can see in the Screenshot overlay fails showing names (I am using SVN 28019)...

Why when view lose focus poster became that smallHuh

Thanks again Hitcher!