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[RELEASE] NBC Universal (NBC, USA, Sci-Fi) video plugin - BlueCop - 2009-03-17

I have removed the USA and NBC plugin from the SVN repo because this plug-in replaces them.

I will soon have a collaborator so maybe we can improve on this some more.

default quality high/low - fixed a bug when ask was set

default is to list all shows together. there is an option to list channel categories.

Wanted to mention you can watch the new battlestar galactica episodes with commentary. they are listed with the full episodes with the tag enhanced. i thought that was pretty cool i didn't even know you could do that.

Also i was going to add bravo but their clip organization is horrible. there is no good central place to get information from their site. anyway i might add it later but right now there isn't a good method to find the clips you want. at least that i can think of.

go to the thread below and download and install the SVN Repo installer then you can browse and install many plugins directly from XBMC including this one.

- liquid64 - 2009-03-18

Just wanted to let you know everything is working well, without any of the errors so far that I mentioned in the NBC thread. I did modify your default.py to add an incrementing counter so that it sorts it as it is listed in the xml.
#Add Episode links
        ct = 0
        for url, name, thumbnail in episodes:
                ct += 1
                name = str(ct)+". "+name.replace('&','&').replace(''',"'")
Anyway, excellent work.

- matt_ - 2009-03-18

Now all we need is Fox added to this plugin and it will replace HULU Tongue

do not pull nbc from the svn - lewis.donofrio - 2009-03-18

while its nice to have a universal plugin, content wise its lacking the breath of the nbc plugin, like take the old battlestar, only ten are listed under the universial plugin, all are listed in the nbs plugin.....anyone else notice this?Blush

- BlueCop - 2009-03-18

thanks lewis.donofrio i am aware of the issue. it is only listing the last season for a particular multiseason show right now. it will fixed in a short while. the nbc show grabber parse html right now which is kinda crappy. usa and scifi provided rss feeds which makes things nicer.

anyway the nbc part will expand alot with the amount of content i am just trying to get structure in place right now and then iron out bugs and add all those snazzy extras and fix the multiseason shows.

- atrac - 2009-03-20

I am using this plugin on an XBox and find that any videos I choose (LOW or HIGH) play for about 5 minutes then stop. I'm relatively new to the XBMC scene so I'm not sure if I am making a noob mistake or not. I am using the latest SVN Release (T3CH XBMC 2009-03-04 SVN rev18221) and am not sure what to change. I have already upped the buffer on Internet Streaming to ~8126k. Should I go higher?

Thank you for taking the time to create this plugin. This is the first Video Plugin that I have found "relatively" works! Everything else I've tried (excusing the Hulu plugin for obvious reasons) doesn't work well at all. Other than streaming via SMB from my computer, a lot of this stuff just doesn't work well with XBox. Sad

*EDIT* So I've been watching "Kings" for about 45 mins. now with no crash. The above problem I was having was yesterday with various episodes of "The Office," so I'm not really sure what to say now (other than I am really enjoying "Kings." Wink )

- BlueCop - 2009-03-21

atrac: sounds like you are having buffering issues. i would check you internet connection. i haven't run into the issue

New version on the SVN. It lists all full episodes correctly now.

episode numbering fixed for nbc shows.

sorry for the slow updates have had more real life distraction then usual.

Quantum Leap now works too!!!!! i love some quantum leap. mcgyver, the a-team and now quantum leap. i feel like i am watching tv in a time machine and i am 10 years old.

- liquid64 - 2009-03-21

Great work! Just so you know, It looks like it's failing to parse Late Night with Jimmy Fallon though.

- BlueCop - 2009-03-21

liquid64 Wrote:Great work! Just so you know, It looks like it's failing to parse Late Night with Jimmy Fallon though.

thanks for the info.

i am unhappy with alot of things in the script right now. it seems standards aren't really followed on the site.

like quantum leap full episodes link is completely broken on the site but i have a case so the script handles it correctly. the problem is they link to fallon on his own domain that redirects back to the nbc site. anyway i will look into handling this.

I am adding thumbs and plot information for all networks right now or at least trying too. i am having trouble with parsing media:content elements from a mrss feed. something with the colon i guess but it is frustrating me.

Help troubleshooting... - sethmac - 2009-03-21

Hi Everyone,

I'm a noob, but just getting to know the power of these plugins. Currently, when I try to launch a video with the NBC Universal plugin, it waits a few moments and then simply allows me to click on titles again (similar to the broken Hulu plugin)

Can anyone help me? I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong.

Edit: I forgot to add that when I click it asks me to choose quality, then nothing loads and it returns to the select title screen.

- BlueCop - 2009-03-22

sethmac: what platform and version of xbmc are you using?

my guess is you are using an older build without rtmp support but that is just a guess.

- BlueCop - 2009-03-22

has anyone tried this international?

- whufclee - 2009-03-22

Well I think I'm using this one - I'm currently using the one that is on Passion-XBMC Installer. It's working great over here in the UK - thanks for all your hard work. Where can I find the latest version?

- whufclee - 2009-03-22

Also just installed the one from SVN Repo which seems to have more content so I'm guessing thats the more up to date one. Watched My Name Is Earl on there and that worked perfect. Cheers.

- BlueCop - 2009-03-22

whufclee: thanks for the report

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