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More themes (PM3 style) - IllumiNaughty - 2009-03-22

Anyone interested in seeing what happens when PM3.HD sleeps with XBMC Connected?
The babies come in Red Blue and Green colors!!!

here's blue - IllumiNaughty - 2009-03-22

I'll show the red one as soon as I am finished with it.Smile

And here's red too... - IllumiNaughty - 2009-03-22


PM3Connect - IllumiNaughty - 2009-03-22

Here it is


Each download has a color.xml file and the XPR.
And if you dont know how to use these downloads then read the 'read me' in each zip for instructions.

- Paybac - 2009-03-23

LMAOLaugh PM3 and Connected makes babies.

Good Job