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- bionicmunky - 2010-07-25


Would there be any chance of including the proxy patch on your CBS addon into this, most videos don't seem to work over here in the uk and the uk site is laid out way different.

I'd give it a go but I can't fathom this one :-(



- Romey-Rome - 2010-07-27

What' up with this?

I have librtmp-dev 2.3-1~ppa1~lucid1
compiled with --enable-rtmp

pre10.5 r32151


CreateLoader - Unsupported protocol(rtmpe) in rtmpe://


- Romey-Rome - 2010-07-27

I got it figured out. When I built rtmpdump, I edited the makefile prefix to /usr, but forgot to do the librtmp subfolder makefile, so the lib still installed in /usr/local

- avus m3 - 2010-07-27

Thanks. I loaded it and queued up a video. I noticed it locked up when I pulled up the playback menu but otherwise worked great. I have a few questions. Is there a way to set it to always select the highest quality vid (in this case they all seemed to be ~640x360 at 1200 kbps. Also, when browsing or searching for any kind of vid it just says related artist. I was only able to pull up links to vids under the mtv.com menu item (either one). Wondering if I am doing something wrong.

Thanks for the add on!

BTW I noticed the few times it had to buffer (had utorrent running) that it paused gracefully for a split second then resumed. Much smoother than the way even youtube buffers.

- BlueCop - 2010-08-02

You can enable the auto quality selection in the settings by unticking the enable quality selection. Maybe that is unclear. I meant it in the sense it enables the user to select the quality. unticking it will attempt to use the default codec, resolution, and bitrate settings. codec selection priority of h264 or vp6 works fine. As well as Max bitrate and Max resolution works fine. The custom max doesn't work because I forgot about it. I am still meaning to fix that.

Also there are many quality levels. I have seen videos up to 720p for example Lady Gaga -Aljeandro is available at that quality. There are many quality levels though. I am surprised sometimes when i see a new one. The plug-in should scale fine on quality selection. It didn't need updates to support 720p.

Also I am not sure making playlist is possible with this plug-in using the standard xbmc playlist interface. it doesn't actually add the final rtmp urls as items to be played. The final item actually activates the script to grab the final rtmp url and then the script plays it. This is done because it is much quicker then having to grab all the rtmp urls before listing the items because you only really need the meta-data. As a consequence of this when you make a playlist of items for the plug-in will simply make a list that activates the script over for each video you added. It would play the final video correctly I believe that last time I tired. I am looking into a method of building playlists within the plugins code which is possible because it would simply retrieve all the rtmp urls needed and build a playlist of proper urls. It also might be possible to use the native playlist stuff with a feature request for xbmc.

If an artist only has related artists listed then mtv doesn't have any videos for them in their database. Their artist name is still in the database though as a place holder essentially. I scan through their database occasionally and I see a lot of changes all the time. I have seen them wipe whole artists from their database for no apparent reason to have them return in a week. confuses the hell out of me.

One thing that is interesting is that after a video is removed from their database is that it usually remains on the rtmp server if you already know where to look for it.

Also the most troubling part is that some of the videos on mtvs sites are NOT in the database. The plug-in can still play the videos with the proper mtv uri but that would need to be scraped from the site because it isn't in the data base. The MTV.com listing do use website scraping and as a result some of the videos listing under it are not in the database sometimes. I have been looking at the idea of adding complete website scraping but wasn't sure how best to implement this(Separate sections for each method?). I think I am going to build a scraper to build a database of videos from the website and then compare it to the mtvn api one. This would allow to me at least figure out the exact overlap and benefit of adding scraping to the plug-in.

bionicmunk: I will look into proxy support. I am not sure if there is geo protection on the rtmp server or it is only the server you grab the rtmp url from. I really don't like the idea of not being able to test it.

Sorry I have been really busy with family issues and have not had much time to work on these plug-ins. I do have plans for them once I can get a more regular schedule for myself.

- EdVonSchleck - 2010-08-14

is it normal that all music videos from mtvn stop after 90secs ?
is a registration at mtvn necessary to play full time ?

- klikkamongo - 2010-09-01


I also have problem with a lot of artist (I guess around 90%) has no music video, it only says "simular artists". (ex. Lady Gaga has no movies)

Some of the artists have songs included, but when I click them there is no quality to choose from.

Is it geographically based or something?

I am using XBMC version Dharma Beta1 on windows 7. (Have also tried in the old XBMC verison)
MTVN version you linked to in post 82.

- BlueCop - 2010-09-01

use the version on the repo

I can't do anything about mtv's database. read this link.

They are in a dispute with Universal Music Group and until they work that out then artists will be missing. You can try out my Yahoo Music Videos plug-in also on my repo which has UMG content. I am working on something for VEVO but I have a lot of other things I want to do first.

- klikkamongo - 2010-09-02

Ok, thank you!

1. Now I have the newest version of MTVN, but there still only a few videos available.

2. In Yahoo plug in: I can browes the movies fine (with pictures included), but when I click on a movie to play it, I can see that it is loading, but the movie wont start..

- bmcclure937 - 2011-01-27

I thought this would include more of the MTV shows rather than music video stuff... or am I missing something?! Huh

- BlueCop - 2011-01-27

"Music Videos" is in the thread title. This uses the mtvn api to look up only music videos.

A MTV tv shows plug-in wouldn't be hard. All the viacom companies use very similar system for their videos.

- BlueCop - 2011-07-12

Mtv shutdown the api this uses. I am going to remove the plug-in. It is still possible to scrape the mtv site and play the videos that way but I have other plans. I am also removing vevo because its broken and mostly crap. yahoo music videos works right now though. Its not that great though. I am going to try to make a more unified music video plug-in to browse or search across a few sites when I am done with Free Cable stuff. I am just trying to clean up broken stuff so people won't use them.

edit: actually I guess I was wrong. the api is actually working again. It quit working for me a while back I thought it was dead from the news reports. hmm

- edwinchester - 2011-10-31

Just added this repo, is it still working can you confirm, or have I missed the boat? Nothing loads when I click on any of the titles

- BlueCop - 2011-11-01

api is completely gone. It came back for a while but was then permanently shutdown.

- edwinchester - 2011-11-01

Thanks BlueCop, don't suppose there is anything similar available on xbmc? or even on any other media player for the ATV2?