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TV Episodes (XML-NFO) Actor not added to db - Zippolighter - 2009-04-06

Rev19274 Windows PM3.HD

I create a xml-nfo for my tv episodes. Like described in the online manual

Quote: <episodedetails>
<title>My TV Episode</title>
<plot>he best episode in the world</plot>
<director>Mr. Vision</director>
<name>Little Suzie</name>
<role>Pole Jumper/Dancer</role>

Generally the nfo works fine, but it looks like the actors not added to the db. In the info screen from the tv episode - cast, the actor is show, but it´s not possible to search for the actor or to find the actor in the videodb - tvshows - actors

- sho - 2009-04-06

The example xml in the wiki might be out of date.
What happens if you export an episode that has working actors (is the syntax the same)?

What about the "helper programs" (MIP, MC)?

- Zippolighter - 2009-04-06

The syntax from the export is the same.

I create a new xml-nfo with the new export and add it to the database but a search of the actor entry isn´t possible, also the entry isn´t in the actor area of the videodb - tvshow.

Sorry but I don´t know something about "helper programs" (MIP, MC)

- sho - 2009-04-06

Media Companion and Media info plus.
This smells like a bug, please trac it.

- Zippolighter - 2009-04-07

Trac Ticket create


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