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[RELEASE] ListenLiveEU (Music) Plugin - European Radio Stations from listenlive.eu - Bootsy - 2009-04-10

here´s a plugin to stream different european radio stations from listenlive.eu.

feedback is welcome Smile


or install it with the repo installer...

- tikkiew - 2009-04-19

Want to say thanks for making this plugin.
i wished along time for a plugin like this.

i cant find this plugin in any program installer.
i have it already but for others to download and be aware of listenlive.eu.
maybe you could also put your plugin in Passion-XBMC Installer Script just pm Temhil.

me too! - tarbush - 2009-04-20

I also want to say thanks again for this plugin. It make it much easier to get my european radio fix.

- gerner - 2009-05-14


Thanks very much for this - i'm living in NZ at the mo and miss my UK radio Smile
I'm a having a little problem though ... I've just set up xbmc again for the first time in years so it may just be a setting I can't see.

When I select my radio channel i can hear a split second of the content before it starts buffering. The buffering then goes on for 20 - 30 mins before my better half runs out of patience and asks me to stop it.

Is there something i'm missing or somewhere I can check the buffering settings - I can't find them in the current setup screens.

edit: Should have mentioned - the station I was trying to get was BBC Radio 4. There were a number of different streams for this - I think the 96 k one you're not allowed to get outside of the UK, however I was getting this issue with the other 3.

Thanks again.

- Bootsy - 2009-05-15

hey gerner,
nice too see people using the plugin. Big Grin

please give me an example station, so i can test it over here.
havent tested all countries and/or streams, but i never had this kind of buffer prob.


- gerner - 2009-05-15

Hi Bootsy,

The issue was with BBC radio 4 from the UK. I'll have a play with some other stations tonight when I get home to see if i get the same problem - it may just be an issue with my setup.


- Bootsy - 2009-05-16

i checked the bbc stream and i have the same problem.
there are two streams for this station. the 96kbps is 'uk only' and the other is a *.ra stream and it looks like xbmc cant handle it correct...
all bbc channels are *.ra streams, a few are *.asx and just bbc world has a 24kbps mp3 stream.


- Temhil - 2009-05-17

Very nice plugin, I really like it. Thanks a lot.

- gerner - 2009-05-18

Bootsy, thanks for checking for me - i'll dig about to see if i can see what the issue is with .ra streams.


- darktime - 2009-05-18

It works Smile

thank you

- HiPPoNaX - 2009-07-08

It seems I found a little annoying bug Smile I'm running xbmc on ubuntu linux and I can't use this plugin. When I select a country or a genre, a messagebox pops up:

I think it's some sort of character coding issue (maybe foreign characters in station names? for example U'\XE9' is "é" as i know), can you fix it please?

- Bootsy - 2009-07-09

will take a look at it asap Smile

what country/genre for example?


- HiPPoNaX - 2009-07-09

Bootsy Wrote:what country/genre for example?
For example, Greece is okay, but Hungary and Iceland isn't. Thanks Smile

I tried your plugin on windows with no errors, so I think it's some linux-specific character coding issue.

- Bootsy - 2009-07-14

made an update, cuz there was a prob with some streamrates...
update via svn repo installer.

had no probs with special charakters on my pc and/or on my xbox build, like you said...

it´s a xbmc problem...i guess you have to wait until the devs solve this prob.


- mvdaat - 2009-07-23

Also having problems on xmbc on ubuntu
Hope it will be fixed soon

But nice script anyway!