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Port XBMC to run on Mvix hardware box? - cattledog - 2009-04-14

Hi all
A question that I would like answered is this able to be made to work on a mvix 760?
Also can not find where the system requirments are for this to run as I would love to just put linux in a box say sme and run as a media centre

- spiff - 2009-04-14

1) wrong forum
2) wtf is a mvix 760

- watzen - 2009-04-14

and NO, it will never work on a mvix 760, which apparently is a sigmatel thing.

- vtinoc - 2009-04-14

Dam ya dont have to be rude.

You can never NEVER bring someones idea down i might be possible with firmware flash or some how change the way the files load from the mvix.

- spiff - 2009-04-14

nobody's being rude. and no it will NEVER be possible, that box doesn't even have a gpu.

- cattledog - 2009-04-15

okies...........what about where to POST grumpy

- spiff - 2009-04-15

surely not in the script forum where you posted

- cattledog - 2009-04-15

Python Scripts/Plugins Support and Requests this is what it says at top of forum
It dose not state: Requests for PythonScripts/Plugins Support.......so get over it grumpy

- spiff - 2009-04-15

HOW has your request anything to do with scripts? explain that

- cattledog - 2009-04-15

Grumpy are you that much of a idiot to be unable to read........it dose not say request for plugins/scripts but it says bla bla bla....and requests........request can mean anything. Go back to your little hole and play with your 0and1 wether it be basic or whatever

- blaize - 2009-04-15

haha, "Python Scripts/Plugins Support and Requests" means that it's a forum for support and requests for python scripts/plugins.
how dumb are you? atleast show some f*cking respect to that Grumpy Bastard.

- The-Boxhead - 2009-04-15

lol, posts like this always brings a smile on my face Smile

"Talk to the hand"

- badmoviesnbeer - 2009-04-15

lol.. me too.. I'm going to go play with some 0s and 1s.

- althekiller - 2009-04-15


I think that's about enough, closing.

XBMC on Mvix Ultio - pbutler - 2009-07-16

I recently purchased a Mvix Ultio box to play HD content on my tv and I'm very disappointed by it's function compared to XBMC on my xbox1. Mvix just released the source code for the device on their website and it looks like they are using linux. I don't know how to program but I was wondering how difficult it would be to compile XBMC for Linux to run on the Mvix hardware.

Mvix Ultio Source Code: