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Noob Question - CobraKai - 2009-04-23

I have recently purchased an ATV with XBMC installed. I already owned 2 original Xboxes with XBMC (one softmodded, one modded with Xecuter), so I am fairly familiar with XBMC, but still far from knowledgeable.

I have been playing with the Library Mode on my AppleTV (PM3 skin). I see screenshots that show the multiple different view options, however, when I check the "Library" checkbox in Videos it switches to a full screen DVD "Cover flow" looking view and I lose the left hand navigation panel (which I assume is where I would select from the different Views, such as Fanart or Media Info, or whatever). Does that make sense? When I uncheck "Library" the nav panel stays and I can select whichever view I want.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!