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Problem with MusicDB Update - Zippolighter - 2009-04-23

Windows Rev19632 PM3.HD

I need help for a problem with the musicdb

I change some lower case in upper case of the folders of my music structure on the NAS (connection via SMB)

For every update db at the end of the scan it is visible that every time xbmc is trying to do something, but the folder in the old typing not longer available.

I make a clean library from the Music Settings but xbmc try also at the next update library to do something with the folders.

To reduce the scantime it is helpful to exclude the folders with the wrong typing (lower case).

I hope anyone have a information for me to solve the problem. To delete the complete db isn´t a solution because on my xbox´s the scan run some days.

In the debug log is show at the end that xbmc try something with the folder that no longer available (different typing lower/upper case).

I must provide the debug.log via Mediafire because is greater than 1 MB. So pastebin don´t accept the complete log.

- jmarshall - 2009-04-23

I suggest manually editing the path table in the db to ensure that it matches your casing.

- Zippolighter - 2009-04-25

Hello Jonathan,
I think as one time action your hint is ok.

But for generally behavior I think that the update library and mainly the clear library should delete the entries.

For my point of view the don't delete entries for the function clear library is a bug.

Please tell me your opinion to this behavior.

- jmarshall - 2009-04-26

Many (in fact the majority of) filesystems are case-sensitive.

If a file or folder doesn't exist, then I think we try multiple casing in order to get around this. This will eventually be removed as we stabilize on file casing throughout the application, but this is going to take some time to get right (it effects skins, plugins, lots of stuff).

In the meantime, it doesn't disadvantage many users (you're the first) so it's certainly not a high priority.


- Zippolighter - 2009-05-01

I found two additional point with the update music library that worked unusual.

Is a artist in the database available, the information loaded via the taggs from the musicfile, and the typing is wrong with upper/lower cases e.g. "a-ha" and the tagging of the musicfiles change to "A-Ha", the update database don´t change the entries for the artist in the artist view. In the info view from a album the information shows correct

Is a album thumb available, and the thumb was wrong. It isn´t possible to update the thumb via new tagging of the musicfiles and update database. The old thumb will longer show.

Via the xbmc gui it's possible to change the album thumb.

But for great music collection it is very easier to change the problem once at the source (taggs of the musicfile), as to change the entries in the xbmc gui. Mainly if more than one xbmc system available.

For the user it isn't clear which entries change with update db. For me it looks like more and more to add new content, mainly if the additional feature update artist or album information from the internet is disabled

I' don't know if it helpful to create a feature request to change this behavior in the future.

Please, don't understand me wrong, I think the developer make a great job for xbmc and I know that many different requirements from the user available.

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