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[RELEASE] KeezMovies.com (Video) Plugin - Adult Content! - pajretX - 2009-04-28

Yeap.. yet another porn plugin! Wink
Created just to test my python skills.



Big thanks to:
Voinage - for his tutorial on which this plugin is based, and his help to get everything right! Smile
Dan Dare - for his priceless advices and creating 'the next page' bit!


- pajretX - 2009-05-26

plugin updated - minor changes on the website



- pajretX - 2009-06-18

updated again - more changes on the website
also - I've changed some bits of code - which has reduced the amount of time needed for the add-on to get the data from the website

available at the same link (above)


- Arias - 2009-06-19

nice one, thanks !

- zackpliskin - 2009-06-29

This is good, but to be awesome it needs a search function. Can it be done? Keez is a good adult site so it'd be worth it if so!

- pajretX - 2009-07-04

@zackpliskin: I'll have a look into that. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I was off for two weeks - holiday Wink


- pajretX - 2009-07-06

added 'Search' option.



- liquidolze - 2009-07-09

Does not work on 9.10pre (LINUX)
Any idea?


- pajretX - 2009-07-09

I do not have a linux distro intalled... can't check that.
Can you provide a proper log file from xbmc?
Has anyone else checked that plugin under linux? - Don't be shy Wink

btw: plugin can be now installed via SVN Repo Installer


- Geeba - 2009-07-11

"Yeap.. yet another porn plugin!"

Are there others? missed them! LOL! Big Grin

- pajretX - 2009-07-11

From what I've heard - there are Wink
Not seen them! For real! Tongue LOL!

- Pionine - 2009-08-26

Plugin seems to be broken any chance you could fix it.

- pajretX - 2009-08-26

Yeah, I nearly finished the new version.. re-written from the scratches.. however, the page is a bit messy and complicated now.. I cannot create 'the next page' bit for some categories.. will try again tonight... will release the beta tonight, though - maybe someone will be able to code a fix for it


- pajretX - 2009-08-26

plugin fixed and ready to be downloaded from the link in the first post or by using SVN Repo Installer.
Everything works fine (for me) under xbox and ubuntu Jaunty.. If you have any problems, please report it here.


- klrspz - 2009-09-07