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"Recent Movies" lists latest updates instead of latest additions - sialivi - 2009-04-30

I'm not sure if this issue is in Aeon or in XBMC itself but here goes:

"Recent Movies", which is the view of the Movies library I use the most often, seems to list the most recently updated movies instead of the latest added movies.

Since I keep tweaking my library with new data and images, old movies keep appearing under "Recent" which sadly makes the view rather broken.

Is this something that needs to be fixed in XBMC or can it be fixed in the skin?


- Hitcher - 2009-04-30

It's exactly how XBMC works.

- sho - 2009-04-30

This being the root cause:

- sialivi - 2009-04-30

Thanks for the information.

Too bad it's not planned to be fixed until 9.10. When me and my friends get together for our weekly movie night, the "Recent Movies" would have been such a useful view since they're all pretty familiar with the rest of my movie library by now and scrolling through the whole library to find what's new is rather tedious (I was an early DVD adopter which has resulted in several bookcases filled with movies)

- freezy - 2009-04-30

On this notice I would warmly welcome a "first time fetched" (or even folder date) entry in the db, which can be used to "sort by date" in library mode. As sialivi pointed out, finding the latest flicks in a large collection is quite a pain with current library mode.