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Filter Out Genres? - buges - 2009-05-08

Id like to make a control that filters out a couple of genres & the movies that apply to them. ie Action & Horror

Can this be done in the skin or is it at code level??

have played around with <visibile>! & Substring. for the list info but it does freaky things.


- jmarshall - 2009-05-09

Use a smartplaylist.

- buges - 2009-05-10

Thanks JM

How do i execute a smartplaylist via a button, (just listing of the smartplaylist,not to start playing it)?

- jmarshall - 2009-05-11

Hmm, good question. I *think* you can do it via ActivateWindow(VideoLibrary,<path_to_smart_playlist>) but I'm not 100 on that.

The path would be something like: special://profile/playlists/video/<name of playlist>.xsp

Give it a whirl anyway and see where you get to. If we have to make some code modifications to get this to work correctly we will.


- buges - 2009-05-11

Can confirm


Works perfectly

Thanks again JM