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First release of ncXBMC (v0.2) music remote XBMC client - nezetic - 2009-05-17

Few weeks ago, I've created for my own needs a new XBMC client, programmed in pure Ruby, and based on a library that I've developed in order to wrap XBMC HTTP API into a ruby class.

ncXBMC is a remote XBMC client, which aims to provide a full control of the music player over a local network. It can be used to browse library, manage playlist, and control playback.

The interface has been greatly inspired by ncmpc, a curses client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD, that I've used a lot before building a new HTPC based on XBMC).

Even if it's a young project, ncXBMC already proved to be really useful for my daily usage of XBMC and appear to be stable enough for a first release, so I've decided to take some time this Week End to share it.

Project is actually hosted on GitHub. I've written a presentation page on the Wiki.


Finally, I would like to use this post to send a big thanks the XBMC Team. XBMC is an amazing software. Nothing else to add Wink

- Qroach - 2009-05-18

I can't figure out how to use your music client. I tried on windows since i don't have a linux install to play with. once I have Ruby installed how do I launch ncxbmc?

- nezetic - 2009-05-18

I've never tested it on windows. But if you already have Ruby, you need to install RubyGems.

Then, from command prompt (cmd.exe), enter this too commands :

$ gem sources -a http://gems.github.com
$ gem install nezetic-ncXBMC

That's all.

To launch the client, just type "ncxbmc.rb" in the command prompt.

- nezetic - 2009-05-18

But I've some doubts about ncurses support on windows...

- mots - 2009-05-19

Any chance of getting a sonata-inspired client, too? ;D