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- skunkm0nkee - 2009-06-21

luuuke78 Wrote:I made it without accents to avoid "&xe9;" instead of "é" and so on. I will update it since you'll have found a nice font that accepts such things.
Superb! Thanks Big Grin

Have you tried using the other fonts in the settings as I think at least one of them should support the french character set?

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-06-22

New strings added for next release:

PHP Code:
<string id="31220">Use Animated Weather Thumbs</string>

string id="31503">Codec</string

Can any translators please let me know what the translation is for your language and I'll update the project accordingly. Thanks

- bidossessi - 2009-06-22

not a translator, but:
<string id="31220">Utiliser Icones Météo Animées</string>

<string id="31503">Codec</string>

- Waffa - 2009-06-22

<string id="31220">Gebruik Geanimeerde Weer Iconen</string>
<string id="31503">Codec</string>

- xbs08 - 2009-06-22

<string id="31220">Usar Miniaturas de Meteorologia Animadas</string>

<string id="31503">Codec</string>

- Haggy - 2009-06-22


PHP Code:
<string id="31220">Wettervorschau animieren</string>

string id="31503">Codec</string

You can leave "codec" - any translation would sound absolutely ridiculous Smile

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-06-22

Excellent, thanks guys Big Grin

- Melandryu - 2009-06-23


<string id="31220">Usar Miniaturas de Meteorologia Animadas</string>

<string id="31503">Codec</string>

Same as portuguese :>

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-06-23

Excellent, thanks Big Grin

Anyone for Danish, Italian, Korean or Swedish?

- kimp93 - 2009-06-23


[HTML]<string id="31220">움직이는 날씨 아이콘 사용</string>

<string id="31503">코덱</string> [/HTML]

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-06-23

Nice one. Thank you Nod

- ZIOLele - 2009-06-24

PHP Code:
<string id="31220">Usa immagini meteo animate</string>

string id="31503">Codec</string


- skunkm0nkee - 2009-06-24

Thanks Big Grin

- fat.hamster - 2009-06-26

My modest contribution to the development of MiniMeedia - russian translation (beta-version Wink Wink )
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251" standalone="yes" ?>
<!-- $Revision: 204$ -->
<!--  strings 31000 thru 31999 reserved for skins  -->

  <!-- Home / General -->
  <string id="31000">Файловый менеджер</string>
  <string id="31001">Info</string>
  <string id="31002">Сброс</string>
  <string id="31003">Анализ</string>
  <string id="31004">Изменить</string>
  <string id="31005">Разное</string>
  <string id="31006">ВИзуальное</string>
  <string id="31007">Вкл/Выкл</string>
  <string id="31008">Без оценки</string>
  <string id="31009">Смотрите свои</string> <!-- used for Movies -->
  <string id="31010">Смотрите свои</string> <!-- used for TV Shows -->
  <string id="31011">Смотрите свое</string> <!-- used for Videos -->
  <string id="31012">Любимая</string>
  <string id="31013">Просматривайте</string>
  <string id="31014">Используйте</string>
  <string id="31015">Проверить</string>
  <string id="31016">Настройки</string>
  <string id="31017">XBMC</string>
  <string id="31018">Основные данные</string>
  <string id="31019">Проиграть</string>
  <string id="31020">Берем зонтик?</string>
  <string id="31021">по</string>
  <string id="31022">Недавно добавленные</string>
  <string id="31023">Последние</string>

  <!-- Options Menu -->
  <string id="31100">Постер</string>
  <string id="31101">Порядок сортировки</string>
  <string id="31102">Настройки</string>
  <string id="31103">Витрина</string>
  <string id="31104">Показывать большие часы</string>
  <string id="31105">Водопад</string>
  <string id="31106">Выставка</string>
  <string id="31107">Короткий список</string>
  <string id="31108">Экспонирование</string>
  <string id="31109">Большой список</string>

  <!-- Settings -->
  <string id="31200">Показать сюжет</string>
  <string id="31201">Обновлялось</string>
  <string id="31202">(путь к папке с фоном)</string>
  <string id="31203">"Задники"</string>
  <string id="31204">Меню настроек</string>
  <string id="31205">Спрятать</string>
  <string id="31206">Часы</string>
  <string id="31207">Спрятать Погоду на стартовом экране</string>
  <string id="31208">Отключить</string>
  <string id="31209">Настраиваем опции:</string>
  <string id="31210">Меню</string>
  <string id="31211">Спрятать сюжет в Video OSD</string>
  <string id="31212">Прятать пометку "Просмотрено"</string>
  <string id="31213">Прятать эскизы</string>
  <string id="31214">Показать обзор</string>
  <string id="31215">Показать тип содержимого</string>
  <string id="31216">Прятать количество файлов</string>
  <string id="31217">Использовать "портретные" эскизы для сериалов</string>
  <string id="31218">Использовать минимальный Video OSD</string>
  <string id="31219">Прятать фон с "белым шумом"</string>
  <string id="31220">Использовать анимированные эскизы погоды</string>

  <!-- Video -->
  <string id="31300">Н/Д</string>
  <string id="31301">Эскиз</string>
  <string id="31302">Фанарт</string>
  <string id="31303">Сезоны</string>
  <string id="31304">Досмотрим примерно к:</string>

  <!-- Music -->
  <string id="31400">Закончен</string>
  <string id="31401">Сейчас</string>
  <string id="31402">Выбор визуализации</string>
  <string id="31403">Наборы визуализации</string>
  <string id="31404">Настройки визуализации</string>
  <string id="31405">Тексты</string>
  <string id="31406">Путь к текстам</string>

  <!-- Dialogs -->
  <string id="31500">Выбор профиля</string>
  <string id="31501">Без звука</string>
  <string id="31502">Создан</string>
  <string id="31503">Кодек</string>

(or here)

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-06-26

fat.hamster Wrote:My modest contribution to the development of MiniMeedia - russian translation (beta-version Wink Wink )
More than modest contribution. Thanks Big Grin