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- skunkm0nkee - 2009-07-28

Nice one, thanks

- Melandryu - 2009-07-29

New Spanish strings

PHP Code:
<string id="31024">Página</string>
string id="31025">Items</string>

string id="31407">Abrir playlist</string>
string id="31408">Salvar playlist</string>
string id="31409">Cerrar playlist</string>
string id="31410">Ficheros de música del sistema</string>
string id="31411">Playlist actual</string

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-07-29

Melandryu Wrote:New Spanish strings
Excellent, thanks

- ana3mic - 2009-07-29

I'm thinking about doing a Bulgarian translation. The big question is should I use UTF-8 or WIN-1251 encoding ? Oo

- blittan - 2009-07-29


- ana3mic - 2009-07-30

blittan Wrote:utf-8

Shocked I now managed to notice that there is no Bulgarian translation for XBMC itself. I guess I'll have to sit on my ass and do the whole thing. Confused
After I do it to some good for use state can I PM you to help me add it to linuxport branch?

Edit: I figured out all the things I wanted to ask you.

- blittan - 2009-07-30


- taxigps - 2009-08-27

Add on to Chinese (Simple)

<string id="31221">隐藏最新视频</string>

By the way, please change the language path from "chinese" to "Chinese (Simple)".

- luuuke78 - 2009-09-09

skunkm0nkee Wrote:Sorry, but I've added another string - I can't resist adding new features Wink

PHP Code:
<string id="31221">Hide Latest Videos</string

EDIT: Also this string:

PHP Code:
<string id="31023">Latest</string

French translation:
<string id="31221">Cacher les dernières vidéos</string>
<string id="31023">Dernier</string>

- luuuke78 - 2009-09-09

skunkm0nkee Wrote:New strings for Music Playlist Editor screen:

PHP Code:
<string id="31024">Page</string>
string id="31025">Items</string>

string id="31407">Open playlist</string>
string id="31408">Save playlist</string>
string id="31409">Close playlist</string>
string id="31410">System music files</string>
string id="31411">Current playlist</string

Again the french translation:
PHP Code:
<string id="31024">Page</string>
string id="31025">Eléments</string>

string id="31407">Ouvrir la playlist</string>
string id="31408">Sauver la playlist</string>
string id="31409">Fermer la playlist</string>
string id="31410">Fichiers musicaux système</string>
string id="31411">Playlist actuelle</string

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-09-09

Smashing, thanks Big Grin

MiniMeedia Korean Translation 2009/10/14 - airplanez - 2009-10-14

MiniMeedia Korean Translation 2009/10/14

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--Language file translated with Team XBMC Translator-->
<!--Translator: airplanez-->
<!--Email: [email protected]>
<!--Date of translation: 10/14/2009-->
<!--Based on english strings version 204-->
  <string id="31000">파일 관리자</string>
  <string id="31001">정보</string>
  <string id="31002">초기화</string>
  <string id="31003">분석</string>
  <string id="31004">바꿈</string>
  <string id="31005">기타</string>
  <string id="31006">시각적</string>
  <string id="31007">켜기/끄기</string>
  <string id="31008">등급 없음</string>
  <string id="31009">시청하기</string>
  <string id="31010">시청하기</string>
  <string id="31011">시청하기</string>
  <string id="31012">들어보기</string>
  <string id="31013">살펴보기</string>
  <string id="31014">사용하기</string>
  <string id="31015">확인</string>
  <string id="31016">설정하기</string>
  <string id="31017">전원</string>
  <string id="31018">기본 정보</string>
  <string id="31019">재생하기</string>
  <string id="31020">확인하기</string>
  <string id="31021">:</string>
  <string id="31022">최근에 추가된</string>
  <string id="31023">최신</string>
  <string id="31024">페이지</string>
  <string id="31025">항목</string>
  <string id="31100">포스터 정보</string>
  <string id="31101">정렬</string>
  <string id="31102">설정 옵션</string>
  <string id="31103">쇼케이스</string>
  <string id="31104">큰 시계 보이기</string>
  <string id="31105">폭포</string>
  <string id="31106">전시</string>
  <string id="31107">낮은 목록</string>
  <string id="31108">노출</string>
  <string id="31109">높은 목록</string>
  <string id="31200">줄거리 보기</string>
  <string id="31201">마지막으로 고쳐진</string>
  <string id="31202">배경 폴더</string>
  <string id="31203">배경</string>
  <string id="31204">욥션 메뉴</string>
  <string id="31205">숨기기</string>
  <string id="31206">시계</string>
  <string id="31207">첫화면에 날씨 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31208">사용안함</string>
  <string id="31209">설정</string>
  <string id="31210">메뉴</string>
  <string id="31211">비디오 OSD 에 줄거리 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31212">시청함 중첩 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31213">미리보기 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31214">리뷰 보이기</string>
  <string id="31215">컨텐츠 형식 보이기</string>
  <string id="31216">미디어 개수 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31217">TV 에 세로방향 미리보기 사용</string>
  <string id="31218">최소 비디오 OSD 사용</string>
  <string id="31219">화이트 노이즈 배경 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31220">움직이는 날씨 미리보기 사용</string>
  <string id="31221">최근 비디오 숨김</string>
  <string id="31300">사용할수 없음</string>
  <string id="31301">미리보기</string>
  <string id="31302">팬아트</string>
  <string id="31303">시즌</string>
  <string id="31304">대략적 종료 시간</string>
  <string id="31400">끝남</string>
  <string id="31401">현재</string>
  <string id="31402">시각화 선택</string>
  <string id="31403">시각화 기본설정</string>
  <string id="31404">시각화 설정</string>
  <string id="31405">가사</string>
  <string id="31406">가사 경로 설정</string>
  <string id="31407">재생목록 열기</string>
  <string id="31408">재생목록 저장</string>
  <string id="31409">재생목록 닫기</string>
  <string id="31410">시스템 음악 파일</string>
  <string id="31411">현재 재생목록</string>
  <string id="31500">프로파일 선택</string>
  <string id="31501">소리꺼짐</string>
  <string id="31502">만들기</string>
  <string id="31503">코덱</string>

- skunkm0nkee - 2009-10-14

airplanez Wrote:MiniMeedia Korean Translation 2009/10/14
Has now been added to SVN. Thanks for that. Big Grin