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[Web Interface Addon] XBMC Control Web Page - an open source development project - Kabooga - 2009-05-24

New Google code project for XBMC Control Web Page.

This is a web page using the XBMC web server to status and control the media center. This uses the Ext JS (Javascript) foundation for stability and ease of development.

To use:
1) Download from the GitHub project located at:
2) Unzip in the XBMC/web directory in C:\Program Files\ (or where you have installed XBMC).
3) Start a web browser. The address is http://ipaddress/XBMControl_Web/default.asp

At the start the web page will show the shares currently defined. To open up an entry mouse click on the text. This will drill down to the next level of the shares directory tree. You can drag/drop from the shares list to the playlist. Clicking on an entry in the playlist will start the selected entry.

Comments, and suggestions, are appreciated.



- Livin - 2009-05-24

Prelim testing...

Left side menu showing Sources, but not expanding to show any albums, etc

Right side menu showing Playlist properly once selected directly onscreen (not using web interface)

When physical DVD is playing...

Continuous error popup (does not allow much of anything else to be done it happens so often)


Error when trying to use controls on web's main page

- Kabooga - 2009-05-24

Interesting that the connection has problems when the DVD is playing. I'll change the error handling to merely give a stoplight on the screen statusing the connection. I found the pop up distracting also.

I'll put more (or better) information on the error alert for the controls. I would like to see what kind of errors you are getting (XBMC error, timeout error, communications error, etc).

Thanks for your help.

- jeepcook - 2009-05-25


Thanks for your work !! is there screenshots somewhere ?


- Livin - 2009-05-25

jeepcook Wrote:Hi,

Thanks for your work !! is there screenshots somewhere ?


yes... install it and take as many as you'd like.

- pletopia - 2009-05-25

any chance for some screenshots ?

- Livin - 2009-05-25

Livin Wrote:Left side menu showing Sources, but not expanding to show any albums, etc

any ideas?

this is the same issue I had with the first pages you put out

I have all MS patches & .Net versions, and latest Java installed.

I tried Firefox 3 & IE7

- Bram77 - 2009-05-26

Same here.

- Kabooga - 2009-05-28

I'm thinking this is the same issue as with the first changes I had made to Bram77's XBMControl. Something to do with how the slashes are done in the directory string being passed around (see the changes made to XBMControl for handling the slashes).

I'll go through the XBMControl changes to handle this and put them into the web page. The changes will be online by noon tomorrow (PST).

Sorry for this. It's driving me crazy to figure this out. Huh I have it working pretty nicely on my systems (...really they do work...)

Screenshots will be put on the Google Code webpage tomorrow.


- Livin - 2009-05-29

latest DL on google has CRC errors.

- Kabooga - 2009-05-30

Another zip file uploaded. I tested this one to make sure there were no CRC errors.

This version works with Safari, and Firefox. Hopefully the problems seen by Livin and Bram77 are fixed.

File can be downloaded at http://code.google.com/p/xbmcontrol-web/downloads/list


- Livin - 2009-05-30

That works better... Two questions.

1) There is some long delay between when you choose a folder (source) for the first time and when it displays it. 30-60 seconds (not sure if it is caching it our what it is doing? Maybe it could cache immediately upon load (in the background)? One of my folders only had 19 items and it took almost a minute. XBMControl takes 1-2 seconds, in comparison, for the same sources.

2) I'm getting a modal popup when I select a folder/Source where no child items exist. (no error with XBMControl)


- Livin - 2009-05-31

any newer versions to test with?

- Kabooga - 2009-06-10

A new version has been put on the Google code project (v1.10)

Sorry for the wait. Big changes made. The web interface looks a lot cleaner.

The code project is at http://code.google.com/p/xbmcontrol-web/

- Gamester17 - 2009-06-10

@Kabooga, could anything be learned or copied from this project/code?:


By the way, would be nice to have a few screenshots on http://code.google.com/p/xbmcontrol-web/ Big Grin

PS! Off-topic but something related that is highly request and a hot discussion topic is also the possibility of being able to edit advanced settings (advancedsettings.xml) and keymappings (keymap.xml) non-GUI features via the a separate section in the web interface: