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- sho - 2009-12-08

There are such plans, but in the meantime I suggest you look here:

- fbacher - 2009-12-13

My cognitively challenged brother, has 907 Movies & TV episodes so far. For the movies I would prefer the ability to define a hierarchy of genres (Horror includes generic horror + Godzilla + Frankenstein). I'll probably achieve this by using File mode and using the directories as genres, and sub-genres. For TV shows I'll just list by title (unless he gets a bunch of them).

- MarkTaunton - 2009-12-23

I was searching on why my actors names did not download when earlier they were. Currently I am still playing with XBMC as only found it yesterday, so been trial and error so far.

Personally this is my feed back

In order of how I use my htpc

1) Title
2) Genre (a very close second I must add)
3) Actor (but too many actors names are download, e.g bit part when I want arnie, or stallone)
4) Year of release (Sometimes)
5) Director (Would be interesting in a search field to see what else they have done)
5) Studio (LOL Nope)

I would love to see Genres or indeed Actors where you could have a decent picture of that rather than a bland folder.

I think having graphical items for these make them a lot sexier to look at, with a search function.

I have been using Team Media Portal for a few weeks, but already I am hooked on XBMC and shall be changing how I view my media now.

I know it is not related, but a touch screen version would be excellent, and a skin that represents a pub jukebox video style is the business.

Skins are as important I think as the program without a sexy looking skin, you can have the best program in the World, and you look and just walk by, thankfully XMBC have both.

Thank you to giving up your time and passion and making this program as fantastic as it is.

- pecinko - 2010-01-08

jmarshall Wrote:Hi all,
2. Could this be done better in an alternate way (eg by enabling a "filter" on one or more genres)?

I discovered smartplaylists only recently, as I never wanted a playlist of movies but rather a filter that would allow me to sort by other criteria then default ones (genre, year, actor...) so frankly - never tried it with movies

In my use case, I need to

1. filter/separate content for adults a kids (using profiles)
2. categorize adult content to documentaries, HD, home videos and movies
3. categorize kids content to educational, movies for older, movies younger one

I found that smartplaylists have powerfull metadata filtering capabilities, so this can be done without problem. As metadata criteria wasn't always sufficient, I made separate folders for content (/documentaries, /home_vids) and filtered content using smartplaylist PATH query.

Only downside in my opinion is that you have to navigate to playlists in order to use it, which is not so intuitive for the rest of the family.

It would be helpful if you could have a choice of saving results as either smartplaylist or 'smartfilter' (along with existing genres, year... filters).

Before using smartplaylists I had to use files and library view in order to separate content, but rest of the family never got used to it.

- jmarshall - 2010-01-09

That's the plan, yeah. Essentially we want to allow the node structure in the db to allow you to slot in smartfilters wherever is applicable.

Ofcourse, if you're dividing stuff up based on path, that'll be doable without smartplaylists should you want them to be a separate "mini-library".

- slekvak - 2010-01-09

The main problem I see with the library now, is that there's only two of them (TV Shows and Movies). It'll probably be impossible to please everyone, so the approach I would suggest (if possible, and sorry if it's been suggested before), is a way to create multiple libraries from within XBMC.

When installed, XBMC could have a couple libraries pre-defined (such as Movies and TV Shows). Then the user adds the sources he wants to the specific libraries, so that the "correct" media appears in the correct library.

Then the user could click (1) "Create library", (2) "Select content type" (music/video/tv/documentaries, like it is now), and then (2) "Add sources to this library". Then it could be possible to select whether to add a link to each library in the main screen, or add all the library links in a "Library" sub menu.

This would allow the user to create as many custom libraries as he/she wants - based on the users own criteria. I for one would create a library for Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Standup shows, Music, Music videos. Like now, the user would select the library content type, and a suitable scraper for each library.

I believe that this, if possible, would be much better than having libraries predefined. I for one don't like having my documentaries in the same library as my movies. I know I could use "folder view", but the library features are a must! Smile

- jmarshall - 2010-01-09

Quote:Ofcourse, if you're dividing stuff up based on path, that'll be doable without smartplaylists should you want them to be a separate "mini-library".


- slekvak - 2010-01-10

If that quote was directed towards me; could you provide me with what I need to know to do this / direct me to where I can get some info about it?

My point was anyway to propose a possible restructuring of how the XBMC library system works. Using different profiles, and more or less ugly "ways round", isn't really satisfactory for the best media center there is!

Keep up the good work,

- jmarshall - 2010-01-10

You have 17 pages of information in front of you. Look for all the posts by me and other developers to see the plan.

Short form (again) - You will be able to have as many separate libraries as you want - home videos/movies/music videos/concerts/shows/documentaries/whatever - all nicely divided out as appropriate.

- JustinAiken - 2010-01-10


With the new changes, will you be able to combine TV shows and movies in one node?

So for documentaries, you could have single documentaries, History Channel miniseries, and longer TV series?

- pecinko - 2010-01-11

jmarshall Wrote:That's the plan, yeah. Essentially we want to allow the node structure in the db to allow you to slot in smartfilters wherever is applicable.

I'm not sure this would be feasible by improving smartplaylists, but it would be neat if content could be mixed.

So you can have pictures and vacation videos grouped and played from same place or music albums with music clips and posters. In other words not choosing/grouping/playing by content type, but rather by context.

- JustinAiken - 2010-03-18

Just checking to see if anything's being done on this front... if not I understand, lots of other things popping up with the lightning and all... but I'm just checking, because this is what I want to see the most with XBMC...

- pbu50w - 2010-03-25

I've been using playlists to group movie compilations.

ie I have all the Terminator Movies together, all the Matrix Movies together, ect...
As I have the actual films all marked as watched and the hide watched filter is enabled, this also hides them from the main movies section which is exactly what I want.
I've also suffixed all kids movies with the work "Kids" and have another playlist for these. As these are watched repeatedly, this also works well as they are not in the main movie section and don't disappear from the smart list when watched.

I think they work well at the moment, the only change I think that would improve things, would to be able to have each playlist appear in the movies library section as individual items.

- lost89577 - 2010-04-23

Truth be told I got tired of reading all the posts from the last 18 pages so I might be repeating what other have said, Sometimes on purpose because I like their ideas or because I have not read their post.

The real power of customisation that the smart filter will allow cannot fully be realised without the ability to make changes to the layout of the root menu and sub menus. That is without getting your hand dirty modifying the skins source code. Also its ease of use with a remote control will also play a big factor in its success not only as a feature, but as major reason for choosing xbmc over other products on the market.

I have created a list of changes to xbmc that I believe will be used from the previous posts though and with a little conceptual freedom from me. I hope i am not to far off track jmarshal. Concepts are the easy part, making it work is a whole different ball game.

System Menu


»» Root/sub sort order menu would have to be added (to allow for custom ordering of menu. Possibility in a expanded tree form)

»» This would also allow the ability to add new objects to the menu

»» All object would have modify option which would allow changing the defaults movie TV etc but system, script and programs would have to stay fixed . The modify option would allow to link objects to either fixed objects (movies, TV shows plug-in, folders (known sources) etc...) or customs objects (custom filters, a particular video/music plug in or program or script).

»» The ability to hide objects too.


»» Skins would have to see changes made to the root menu to allow for custom backgrounds for the new objects

-Filters Manger (new)

(It is little hard for me to explain the concept in words so I will describe it as a possible layout for the menu. Also the set out to allow combining of different types of media classes e.g. Movie, TV, music etc...) I do wish i was better at art Tongue

»» It is made up of two panels first on the left a list of current custom filters and at the top a “Create Custom Filter”. In the Second panel a series of drop down boxes staring with the source (movie, TV, music etc...) then the type of action (remove all? allow only? sort by, etc...) Then the category (title, year, plot etc...) Finally a text box. Below that is and “add another filter”

»» Also Knowing that some people need for hardcore customising, an advance command line option with also be needed.

It has been a few month since this thread was started so I don’t know how far along you are in the development. Hopeful this post will be useful

P.S. for all you out there that doesn’t know. You can create movie “sets”, like the entire scream or bond movies grouped together in xbmc without filters. I don’t know how within xbmc because I use third party free program “media companion” to scrape my movie info and generate NFO/XML files. The process makes it easy for sharing across network without every computer needing to download the same information.

- evlo - 2010-07-11


i wonder if how the developement on these looks - mainly the mainmenu/submenu extension. It is only thing i currently missing in xbmc.