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- IBRU - 2004-08-19

this would be a mamoth task. but would it be possible to create a version of direct connect as a python script for the xbox.

this question was propted by someone creating a script to download mp3's from irc sounds (realy cool will be my next download once i get aqtbrowser to play with audio :veryangry: ).

- Anomaly - 2004-08-19

there already is a bittorrent client python script. bittorrent is vastly better than dc++ imho so i very much doubt someone will bother with it. you never know.

- IBRU - 2004-08-19

why is it that bit torrent is vastly better? curious may switch!

- Anomaly - 2004-08-20

easy. the dc++ moderator/sysop community are snobby elitist bastards that love to take stuff from you but make it hard to get stuff from them.

bittorrent has no moderators, no central server, has many more inter-connected nodes and if left running will be faster than the other p2p applications. downside is that there is no actual application, you have to find bittorrent links to files yourself. there are plenty of search engines out there though.

- IBRU - 2004-08-20

well that a winning point with me thanks i'll look into it.
may as well close/delet this post then :d