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[LINUX/MAC/WINDOWS] Separate external audio tracks for movie playback? - ezechiel1917 - 2009-06-12 20:59

I was under the impression, you can use external audio tracks instead of movie original track when you're playing a movie (same like subtitles work), but it seems XBMC can't do it, am I right?

Play music score on highlighting movie? (was: "Need Help with browsing video") - geant90 - 2009-07-09 11:39

Hello, im new and not sure if im posting in the right section but i will attemp to ask this: If it possible to play a mp3 or any music format when i highlight a movie, like lets say im browsing my libary and when ever i have it selected, without pressing enter, xbmc play an .mp3 or such that haves the same file name as the movie as thumbs do, that why , i can set the theme of the movie or w.e.Confused ANy suggestions or advice helpt etc?

- Haggy - 2009-07-09 11:48

In short: no.
I moved it to the feature suggestions - maybe someone picks it up (sounds like a nice addon)

Can i use a audio stream from separate external file while playing a movie? - fat.hamster - 2009-07-26 13:34

subj.. i have LOTR in .mkv file, 1 audio stream is embedded in file and 2 external file with DTS audio (.dts)

can i use dts audio from external files (without remux .mkv, i can remux it with mkvmerge, but it is 11 Gb + 11 Gb + lot of time..)

ps sorry for my poor english