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- Ram2000 - 2009-09-09

Ive searched all my skin dirs and none of them have multiplex_glassreflect.png Sorry

- paul - 2009-09-09

Ram2000 Wrote:Ive searched all my skin dirs and none of them have multiplex_glassreflect.png Sorry
there not in hitchers mod either / or in temmis modHuh?

- Pr.Sinister - 2009-09-09

paul Wrote:there not in hitchers mod either / or in temmis modHuh?

Maybe in the XPR?

- paul - 2009-09-09

nah there not in there either. i extracted them in both skin versions just to be certain.
It's got me baffled maybe black could explain it.Huh

- `Black - 2009-09-09

I forgot to add them to version control, so they were skipped on the last commit. I'll upload them tomorrow. Smile

- paul - 2009-09-09

Cheers manSmile

- snowdrift - 2009-09-09

Excellent. Another superfast response from the forums! Thanks a lot. Smile

- `Black - 2009-09-09

The 2 images are on git now.

- snowdrift - 2009-09-09

Sorted! Thanks again Big Grin

- snowdrift - 2009-09-09

Me again. Rolleyes

Sorry to ask another question, but I'd like to add your CD/DVD cases mod to the Showcase view in my existing Aeon, but it seems the code for this has been removed removed (possibly in favour of Multiwall/Stripshow?). However, your post below seems to suggest there used to be a Showcase view? Is it possible that I could get the code (and images, if they're different from the ones for multiplex etc.) for this please (Viewtype_Showcase.xml)? (Or could I go back to a previous commit on github and get it?)

`Black Wrote:Should come out tomorrow Smile:

I only ask because this looks so cool I want to add it to all views!!! Cheers.

- `Black - 2009-09-09

You can get the view + images on github. You need the Includes from Includes_CDDVDMod.xml, then Viewtype_Showcase.xml and the images.

- snowdrift - 2009-09-10

Once again, thanks very much! I'll give it a go tomorrow :p

EDIT: Done! That worked like a dream too. I've gotta say that due to the way you've neatly encapsulated all new functionality into <include> blocks, its dead easy to integrate your new stuff with the existing Aeon code. And for that I thank you. You've obviously thought about the design of this stuff.

One final thing (I promise I won't ask anything else after this....). Did you ever do an equivalent CD cases mod for the Wall view too? The code appears the same as the original Aeon and there's no equivalent CD-type images in /media/wall/boxes. Don't worry if not, I can have a stab at doing it myself from the DVD stuff I've already integrated, otherwise I'd be happy to grab a old commit from github if you could point me the way again. Cheers!

I look forward to your Alaska mod (when it pleases you...of course!)

- `Black - 2009-09-10

No, I never touched the music section of the wall view, so there are no cd cases for it.

- Anacotic - 2009-11-05


ive just Installed the "new" Version and now when i press M i donĀ“t get the Menu for Bookmarks, Audio Settings and so on.

Do i have to aktivate it in Settings or something like that? or is it on a other key?

pls help