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XBMC sometimes crashes during Media Flagging Scan, how can we best debug this? - Zippolighter - 2009-06-18

Windows Rev21124 PM3.HD
Core2Duo E8400 2*3,00GHz and 8GByte RAM, Nvidia 9600, Vista 64

Connection to Videofiles via SMB

During the automatic background scan for the media flagging, XBMC used after some minutes 3.970.408 K of RAM.

Then if I try some things like to add a movie to the database, open the movie info view or view a movie an exception error message is create and xbmc crashed.
Quote:LoadLibrary 'DBGHELP.DLL' failed with error id 1114

In 2 hours the problem occured 4 times.

Debug log

The xbmc.r21124.dmp file have 0 KB

- jmarshall - 2009-06-18

You'll have to nail down the files it's having problems with (the ones with exceptions in the log - look up the actual filename from the database - the last bit is the idMovie).

Then post what's common (if anything) with those files.

If necessary, we'll need a sample from the file that has the same problem (try and cut 10-20MB off the front of it and see whether that has the same problem).


- Zippolighter - 2009-06-18

Hi Jonathan,
sorry but I have not enough know how to found the movies in the db.

I have upload MyVideo34.db to

Is it possible for you, to look in the db and tell me 2 or 3 movies with exeptions so I can try to analyse the problem.

Thanks for your help


- jmarshall - 2009-06-18

What I did, so that you can do it next time:

1. Opened your database using sqlitespy, and clicked on the movieview to bring up your list of movies.
2. Searched in your log for "exception":
Quote:23:56:54 T:6896 M:2466684928 ERROR: CBackgroundInfoLoader::Run::LoadItem - Unhandled exception for item videodb://1/2/1221
3. Noted the number at the end of the URL, and looked down the idMovie column to find 1221.
4. Looked across to the strPath column, and found: smb://FREENAS/Blue-ray/Blue-ray/Das Vermaechtnis des geheimen Buches (Blue-ray)/

You can do the rest Smile


- Zippolighter - 2009-06-18

Hi Jonathan,
thanks for the description. So I found 3 ripped Blue-ray Discs that the cause for the problem. After delete the entries from the db, the crashes don't available.

First I try to ripp the Blue-ray new, to look is the problem still available with this Blue-rays. I have 19 other Blue-ray Discs. This works fine and shows the media flagging.

I have another problem with the media flagging, all my 1:1 ripped DVDs don't show any media flagging information. All the 1:1 ripped DVDs have an xml NFO file. I have also xml NFO files for mpg videos recorded with my vdr. For this movies the media flagging is available.

Hopefully you can see something in the following debug.log why this movies don't show media flagging. In the log you can see that i refresh the movie information for the movie "2 Fast 2Furious". My understanding of the feature is, that an movie refresh load the media flagging but nothing is loading.


Regards Zippolighter

- jmarshall - 2009-06-18

DVDs aren't supported yet. If you have some clips from the bluray rips that show the problem, please make them available to a developer (privately, ofcourse) so we can reproduce + fix the crash.


- Zippolighter - 2009-06-18

Ok, that is a new information for me, that the feature only works for different file / media types.

On the Media flagging support web site http://xbmc.org/theuni/2009/06/15/media-flagging-support/ isn't a information for the file / media type available.

I think if the Online manual updated with the new feature the information should be available for which file / media type the feature work.

Thanks a lot for your support and information

Regards Zippolighter

- Zippolighter - 2009-06-18

Some additional information for the future DVD ripp integration

If in the VIDEO_TS folder a trailer with the filename VIDEO_TS-trailer.xxx (xxx for mov, mpg, divx etc.) available.

The media flagging is show for the DVD movie, but is not the media flagging for the DVD movie, is the media flagging for the trailer.

- Zippolighter - 2009-06-20

Hi Jonathan,
I have one of the problem Blue-ray new ripped, but the problem is still available.

My problem is now, how can I create a sample from 10-20 MB. The m2ts file is 32 GByte big.

Hopefully you have an idea how can I create the sample.

Greetings Zippolighter

- Zippolighter - 2009-06-22

I try to cut the wrong m2ts file with tsmuxer but the cutted file don't have the problem. But the cutted file don't have the same video parameters. The resolution change from 1920x1080 to 720x480.
I think that I set the wrong paramter in tsmuxer, but I donĀ“t have the know how to know what I do.

Is it possible to increase the debug logging of the xbmc to show why the used RAM raised to 4 GByte and xbmc crashed.

The next point is, why the dump isn't created? Necessary that something is show in the dump what create the crash.

Hopefully someone have an information for me, that we see why xbmc crashed.

Thanks Zippolighter

- CrashX - 2009-06-22

Dump isn't created because of this error LoadLibrary 'DBGHELP.DLL' failed with error id 1114.

Try installing latest windows debugging kit. You shouldn't have to do this as it comes with windows xp and above already.

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