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- billyad2000 - 2010-11-18

I am struggling for time at the moment, doesnt seem to be enough days in the week. Development is not really going anywhere fast, although if anything serious was to break - such as caused by the recent changes to IMDB, then I would find the time.

BTW - I think you made a typo in your post - i've certainly been around more recently than that - there have been about 15 updates between January and 3.4

Sorry for the typo - greybeard - 2010-11-19

Definitely a typo. It was supposed to be 10/26/2010. I am trying out new keyboards since I have worn the locating dots off the j and f keys, plus have been getting a lot of instances where a character goes missing in a word.

Glad to see you are around, although busy.

- publicENEMY - 2010-11-25

Sorry if this has been asked before or documented. Can i disable scanning nfo files? i would love for media companion to scan my movies files only based on folder names and file name. also, does the scraper works with the new imdb layout? thanks.

- Cnasta - 2010-11-28

I love MC, been using it since a long time. However, found a problem, maybe someone can help.

Used to have 3 external HDD on my HTPC

Now I hooked them to a pogoplug-device.

Deleted al the folders that MC used and added the new locations. But now it cannot find all my episodes. It ads the serieis-folders, but not the season and the episodes.

When I try to scan a series it says:

Starting Folder Scan

Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\.actors
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 1
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 1\.actors
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 2
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 2\.actors
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 3
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 3\.actors
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 4
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 4\.actors
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 5
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 5\.actors
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 6
Subfolder added :- R:\SERIES\Weeds\Season 6\.actors

Error, exiting TV episode scraper
System.IO.IOException: Er zijn geen bestanden meer.

bij System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
bij System.IO.Directory.InternalGetFileDirectoryNames(String path, String userPathOriginal, String searchPattern, Boolean includeFiles, Boolean includeDirs, SearchOption searchOption)
bij System.IO.DirectoryInfo.GetFiles(String searchPattern, SearchOption searchOption)
bij Media_Companion.Form1.findnewepisodes(String path, String pattern)
bij Media_Companion.Form1.episodescraper(List`1 listofshowfolders, Boolean manual)
bij Media_Companion.Form1.bckgroundscanepisodes_DoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e, Boolean manual)
bij Media_Companion.Form1._Lambda$__2(Object a0, DoWorkEventArgs a1)
bij System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e)
bij System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.WorkerThreadStart(Object argument)

- Death-Axe - 2010-12-13

Hi, might need an update regarding nfos. MC seems to be using an invalid<episodeguideurl> tag. This is causing XBMC to ignore scraped data locally and it's using its internal scraper. Quite problematic this..

- Regss - 2010-12-14

Is there anyway to download trailers for all movies instead of going through and clicking each one?

- compcentral - 2010-12-14

You need to update the first post to indicate the most recent download, which I'm guessing is one of these:


Also note that "Companion" is spelled wrong in the path.

- 0rca - 2010-12-16

I thought I'd give it another try:

0rca Wrote:Where and how do I tell MC which language to use for MOVIE titles. Right now it scrapes movies with English titled file names and then gives me German titles, which I don't want. How do I change that behaviour?

Secondly, where or how can I change the scraper behaviour with regards to the filename? Could I use regular expression like under TV shows? I have a certain file naming structure and am not going to change it (2000+ movies). Right now MC seems to throw the whole file name at IMDB and more often than not can't identify the movie. The movie titles are very accurate though, I just add some information about resolution and language in the end:

Movie Title (US) 1080p.xxx

How could I improve MCs behaviour here?

Thanks in advance


- Death-Axe - 2010-12-16

0rca Wrote:I thought I'd give it another try:


For me I use movie name [year] and MOST of the time it pulls up the info right away.

A couple of annoyances though, on my Anime movies and other Japanese, Chinese etc movies the folder names are the English title, but yet on allot of them it scrapes and uses the Japanese title. I know you can use the combo box and do it manually, but it's just a bit irritating is all.

Also on some it doesn't find a cover, yet if I go to manually select one, there are covers available.

Lastly one one of the cover scrapers, it brings up random covers for all sorts of movies. very odd indeed.

Some weird and random bugs here and there, but most is in top shape.

Is development still active?

- danz0l - 2010-12-16

I switched to this from Ember as development had stopped on that, and now it appears the same here Sad

Wish i could automatically add trailers (instead of manually) and not have to rename them title(date)-trailer.avi for xbmc to pick them up properly (also having to delete the xml in the nfo relating to trailer so it doesn't try and stream it). Oh and it doesn't find all the imdb trailers (one in 10 i think).

Other annoyances are not automatically adding fanart or poster art for titles that have them when you manually intervene and not always adding full synopsis (happening more and more actually).

Real shame as ember was great while development went on (never ever finds the imdb trailers for me), and media companion could be amazing too if some of the bugs were ironed out Sad Is there anything else that is equivalent ?

- Death-Axe - 2010-12-17

there is another app, but since most use their own nfo format, using a new program could mean messing up your collection and having to start from scratch (deleting all your nfo files and doing it from the begining).

Seriously annoying as using external apps is the only way to fully sort stuff for xbmc as its internal scrapers suck badl (boxee has no probs scraping at all, dunno why xbmc sucks at scraping so much..)

great app, is it open source? - blastyblast - 2010-12-19

Apologies in advance for not researching whether this is open source or not, I'm taking care of a one month old Smile

It seems that a lot of folks love the app, any chance of turning it into a community project?


- Methanoid - 2010-12-20

Will this app read NFO files created by Media Info Plus and fix the 1970 date issue with that prog or should I (groans with expectation) delete all NFO files and start again.

Will this app rename the files (AVi, subs etc) to Moviename (Movieyear).xxx ?

thumbnail help! - ventman27 - 2011-01-02

Hi everyone. I'm new to the posting and XBMC thing so please bear with me. I am having one hell of a time setting up my XBMC. I am running dharma beta and Aeon showmix plugin. i have had two problems.
1) when I scraped for all the info for my movies with Media Companion (downloaded from this thread) (which I only have 5 in the folder just to see if it works before i do my 500+ dvd collection). The posters that came back were in spanish and korean (i think). can i set it to just get english (US)?
2) I cant get the thumbnails to load. I have manually downloaded some .jpegs and have tryed to name them "thumbnail" "thunbnail1" etc. I also read on some XBMC users guide to rename them <moviename.tbn> neither way will show the pic in the thumbnail of XBMC. Can someone please help a noob out .
thanks in advance.

- mwkurt - 2011-01-03


Look at this thread: