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Audio plays from video, but not from music - tweek3867 - 2009-06-28

So I recently setup an XBMC system on an HTPC I built. Everything was running fine up until last night, but when I went to turn it on this morning, I couldn't get sound out of the music section. Videos play sound no problem, but that's it.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

- tweek3867 - 2009-06-28

Sorry, quick update: it seems like I can get sound from mkv files, but not mp4 videos or mp3 audios. Is it possible that Ubuntu is having a problem with the specific files? They were playing fine yesterday, so I can't imagine that would have an effect on it.

- lajbans - 2009-07-03

Im having same issue as you, playing fine with movies dts/ac3. but mp3 files I get no sound - doesnt seem to send any signal to my reciver either.

connected via s/pdif, ubunto with xbmc on top.

- Haggy - 2009-07-03

Neither one of you provided even a little detail about your setup. Please read the sticky about providing a USEFUL report.

- lajbans - 2009-07-04

Hi I solved this by changing defualt in sound options to iec958, the soundcard output.

for some reason default doesnt work if its set as that, so try change and then play music

- tslayer - 2009-07-04

Read the sticky dealing with Lost Sound.

- tslayer - 2009-07-04

Actually, it used to be sticky. Not anymore it seems:


- Haggy - 2009-07-05

Hmm - is this obsolete or did id get lost?! Either case i suggest re-sticking it.