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Highlight currently plaing title - fuzzcore - 2011-01-02

Hey there Jezz,

it's a great mod. I use it every day.

Found what I believe is a bug though:
When I choose the "detailled view" in the music playlist, the currently playing title is not highlighted. In all other views, this is done by a slightly different colour, but not in this one.

It would be great if you could look into this!

Also, there doesn't seem to be "autoscrolling" in the playlist (when I start the playlist in random mode, a random song is played but the skin doesn't center the playlist around it. I do believe I've seen that happening in other skins, but I'm not sure. Or did I just overlook a setting?
[I'm not talking about keeping the currently playing title in the center of the list here, although that would of course be great (and is certainly more difficult to achieve)]

All the best. Keep up the good work!

Is the version 1.1.2 the current one? - markimark - 2011-01-30

Hi there,
I discovered XBMC 2 days ago and I must say it is the most amazing media center software I have ever seen.
I have chosen your version of the mediastream skin and I just love it. Before I point out some strange behavior and before asking stupid questions I would like to know if the version that I have downloades is the latest one availabe. Please let me know. Thanks you so much for your wonderful work.

Customized bg for TV Shows - need some HELP - markimark - 2011-01-31

I have changed the background picture for my TV Shows. It shows up if I chose TV Shows from the main page left side blade but if I click TV Shows it is changing back to the default video background, which is the red seats cinema picture. How can I achieve to keep my customized picture that I have chosen for TV Shows? PLEASE.....anybody out there who can help me?

- anotheruser - 2011-02-16

Is there a download for this?

The front page link says it's not there anymore :/

- br33d - 2011-02-27

Any way to add a "HD Movies" option on the homescreen like some of the other skins?

- steppedup - 2011-02-27

br33d Wrote:Any way to add a "HD Movies" option on the homescreen like some of the other skins?

I loved Mediastream Redux - but lately switched over to Customizable Confluence (search the confluence thread as there is a specific mod for that).

It lets you add Favorites to your home page.

So, then all you have to add is a playlist set to 720p and above Movies, set that as a favorite, and you can add that to your home page.

Much easier than trying to edit the language and home xml files in Mediastream Redux.

Additional benefit is you are using Confluence, the default skin, so it's a little bit faster than MediaStream Redux.....

Just my 2 cents....

- jcantu - 2011-03-13

is there some way to add Tv Series Menu??

- Nick87 - 2011-06-26

Hello guys...i am using xbmc version XBMCSetup-Rev21816-moby-ext and i just discovered this night this great skin and i tried to set up it...it works basically but i cant do much more things with it. It looks so amazing but i dont know how to customize it more.
First of all it havent the option view for thumbails of my movies collection.
Second it havent background images of eatch movie when i click on it.
I want to set up it like this
Looks so amazing but stay aslept all NIGHT! and nothing
So plz if someone can give me some simple instructions about some more customization...
Searched all night to google but not any serious guide...even to find the MediaStream_Redux_1.0.rar was a pain...

So the steps that i did it was first to download this version of skin

then i extracted the rar just to the folder of xbmx/skins
and then go to xbmc and change skin from the options.
I dont know what else need to do or install for to make my media player this cool look like the youtube.

- Nick87 - 2011-06-27

jarod71 Wrote:Here is the areas I am looking to enlarge


It does not look that even when i use mediastream redux skin Sad

- Xiider - 2011-07-10

Downloadlink is broken Sad
I like the Skin!!

- Jezz_X - 2011-07-10

Xiider Wrote:Downloadlink is broken Sad
I like the Skin!!

Its in the dharma repo get it from there

- madsn - 2011-09-23

I need some help.

I have no graphics on volume control, so I'm basically turning up and down in blind. Is there any way so that I can see how high/low my volume is on the screen as I press the buttons on my remote?


- madsn - 2011-09-27

Can anybody help me with the above question.

- chbartel - 2011-10-28

Jezz_X Wrote:Its in the dharma repo get it from there

I must not be very smart today, but where is the dharma repository?

- Martijn - 2011-10-28

chbartel Wrote:I must not be very smart today, but where is the dharma repository?

Inside XBMC itself. The add-ons section->skins.
Latest version is 1.2.1