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- chbartel - 2011-10-28

Machine-Sanctum Wrote:Inside XBMC itself. The add-ons section->skins.
Latest version is 1.2.1

thanks, for some reason I thought there was a newer version. I guess I am running the newest version.

I am having problems with fanart showing up when browsing through movies. It seems that the movies that I have that are video_ts format the fanart shows up in fanart mode, but my fanart doesn't show up with my other movies. I have fanart installed in each directory for each specific movie.

- chbartel - 2011-10-28

never mind, figured out my problem. I have been using MediaCompanion to pull down artwork, etc. and for some reason it was naming the fanart the name of the movie file itself. Must be a config I need to modify in the settings.

- Maetrik - 2011-12-18

Can you please reup it?

- assaf8888 - 2011-12-19

can you translate the "wath your.." listen to" to hebrew?

- ithaki - 2011-12-29

I installed Eden Beta 1 but i can't find MediaStream Redux in the Get more Addons page.

Is there something wrong or is not yet supported?

- Jezz_X - 2011-12-29

Not supported yet Sad I do promise I'm working on it though so many skins not enough time

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - Pop006 - 2012-05-08

Any updates, or potential time frames, on this? Sorry to bug but this is by far my most favorite skin!
I used XBMC before but now I wanna switch to using it full time to watch my movies and there is just something about this skins layout and presentation that I love.
Take care.

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - Bootlegninja - 2012-05-09

Same here. This is my favorite skin as well. Have to +1 Pop006's post.

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - gibsonlp - 2012-06-04

If it helps - I am interested in your theme as well. I like it much more than any other theme available and it actually makes me want to downgrade from Eden back to the previous version...

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - Jezz_X - 2012-06-04

To be honest I've been a little slack on this I've done 90% of the work but have a few little things to go. You can pull the source and build it yourself from here https://github.com/JezzX/skin.mediastream_redux and it will work on eden xbmc properly. but if you use a CEC adapter or anything else that uses the peripherals windows you wont be able to set them up in the skin so switch to confluence and do that stuff.

I'll try and make a proper eden version and push it to the repo this week Smile

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - Pop006 - 2012-06-12

Glad to hear you are back on this and I look forward to using this skin (again).
Hope you know your hard work and dedication does not go overlooked when working on things like this!

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - Jezz_X - 2012-06-14

Right guys here is a version for you too TEST on Eden (should work on Frodo nightlies too)
Test the crap out of it if stuff doesn't work proper then please tell me and if it does tell me that too If I don't get feedback I wont put it in the add-on repo and I will be less inclined to maintain it for future versions of xbmc (translation I wont)

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - otcho - 2012-06-14

@Jezz_X: I'd like to see the Roboto font in this skin as well because its used it in Confluence, too.

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - Jezz_X - 2012-06-14

Any particular reason why ? Be cause if I do that the skin will loose pretty much all of its upper case fonts which this skin uses lots off but I guess I could always make it an optional font

RE: [RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake) - otcho - 2012-06-15

It's basically my dislike of Arial in general Wink