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Random crash and freeze with Slack12.2 - maxc - 2009-07-04

Hi guys! I am new to XBMC and I just downloaded a version from http://xbmc.strangled.net/ that is supposed to run on slackware 12.2 (which I use).

The compilation and install went all fine and I can easily start XBMC by typing xbmc in a console. However, it doesnt run very well.... trying to play videos, it freeze, videos are choppy and usually freeze or simply crash. When pointing to picture directories, sometimes it works, but also freeze, crash and create a core.#### file (very large like 100Mb or more) in my home directory. There is also tons of garbage (error dumps?) in the terminal window. I would paste what it says, but I know for sure you guys will not appreciate it (and I understand) so could you tell me what I can do to make it work? Am I supposed to have so many problems with it?

Thanks in advance guys!

- tslayer - 2009-07-04

Moving to Linux forum. Please read the stickies on how to post in a useful manner.

- maxc - 2009-07-04

Thanks for the correction, I posted too fast without reading the stickies.... I do apologize for that!

- tslayer - 2009-07-04

You're still missing required details.

gdb output, debug log, versions, etc... Please read the sticky about how to post in a useful manner.


post fixed - maxc - 2009-07-05

tslayer, thanks for the corrections, I added the required info after I read the "how to post in a useful manner" sticky.... if you are still interested in helping you can go at http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=42228 for my latest reply in the correct forum section.

thanks again!