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ALT+F4, ALT+Tab, and right mouse click - jwdv22 - 2011-10-26

Hi all,
I just read through all 20 pages of this and congrats.
Any ideas on how to program the right mouse click to get the context menu for add-on settings, the ability to delete items, etc...?


- Rynoman - 2011-10-28

jwdv22 Wrote:Hi all,
I just read through all 20 pages of this and congrats.
Any ideas on how to program the right mouse click to get the context menu for add-on settings, the ability to delete items, etc...?


I believe 'c' (no quotes) is the default to open the context menu, so map that to whatever you want on the remote.

Depending on the command, you can also add some of the context menu items directly to the remote. I'm not a big user of the context menus so I have 'q' (enqueue in playlist) and 'i' (media info) mapped to buttons/activities.


- jwdv22 - 2011-10-28

Thanks will try it out.

- hardrock_121 - 2011-11-12

how are you guys starting the xbmc with harmony one without eventghost? thats the only reason I am using eventghost...since i can start a exe with that.. but how do u do that with harmonyoneHuh i dont see a option in gui.

also I am using mediacenter remote as the device for the inputs and not the keyboard as i heard that keyboard has delay and remote doesnt.. has anyone observed this?

I have tried everything.. - mikeyouse - 2011-11-22

So I recently moved across the country. I took my Acer Aspire Revo (Win XP SP3) and my Harmony 700 with me but ended up getting a new TV and doing away with my old receiver and DVD player. I originally got the whole thing working with hours of lurking on this forum so I thought I'd return to see if you can help further.

I have both Boxee / XBMC Windows clients installed on the Revo and I tested it a few times at my new apartment and everything was in working order after the move. Rather than try and edit all the menus, I decided just to delete everything from the Harmony's software and just add it back in fresh. This is when disaster struck. I can't get any MCE commands to go through whatsoever.

It was originally working with the 'Microsoft Media Center SE' selection on the Harmony. Stupidly, I updated the firmware on my 700, caught up on 6 months of Windows updates on the Revo, and deleted / re-added all the devices on the Harmony all at once. Now I can't control my PC anymore.

I never looked before I had issues, but my IR dongle is now showing up as a mouse HID and several keyboard HIDs in the hardware. I feel like that's where the fault is but I can't figure out how to fix it. I tried a system restore with no luck and I also some old drivers 'MCEMouseKBDrivers.zip' on a different forum but the hardware installer thinks mine are too recent and won't overwrite with the older ones.

Does anyone have any clue?

ovu104007/00 no eHome driver - mmiszkiel - 2011-11-30

I have recently purchased the above receiver. It's supposed to be an original RC6 Dell receiver.
After reading some instructions on this forum and other sites everyone's talking about eHome driver that's required for Harmony and the receiver to work with XBMC. When I plugged it in, it did not come up as an IR transceiver but just HID device.
Not sure what to do with it now. I can still return it and get my money back.
Anyone has any experience on how to set this particular receiver up ?

- pettergulbra - 2012-01-04


This is working quite good, but I have some problems, that I can`t figure out.
I use the MCE Keyboard.

If I choose Comma it write ; instead.
If I choose + it write `
If I choose - it write +

I have tried change to English layout in windows, that don`t help.
I don`t have the keyboard, so I can`t learn the Ir code ether.

What can be wrong?

- pettergulbra - 2012-01-08

No one that knows?

- brucek2 - 2012-01-13

Petter, I had the same issue with the Harmony not sending the right code for Comma. I couldn't figure out how to fix the remote so I just configured XBMC to react to the semicolon instead.

I made a small text file called FixForComma.xml and placed it in my %appdata%\XBMC\userdata\keymaps directory.

The contents of the file are:

Perhaps this approach could help with your other two keys as well.

- nickhopkins08 - 2012-01-31

Had a quick look through this post, can this method be succeeded by using the xbox receiver (with adapter)? I'm currently using the eventghost/xbcd rc client method to pair my hamony 1 to my win 7 HTPC running XBMC. It's a bit cobbled together though, this method seems better.

Double-clicks - [email protected] - 2012-02-06

I have a Harmony 650 (configured to use MicrosoftMCE Keyboard) and use it with the HP MCE receiver (straight, no EventGhost) and XBMC under Windows 7. Setup was extremely easy, and it works in principle, BUT: I am getting a lot of double clicks or actions when navigating through the menu. Most notably with up/down and OK since these are used the most I guess. It happens at all levels but is not consistent but intermittent. I.e. sometimes I get single actions for a few button pushes and then the double-actions start again for a while, then back etc. I would say about 30% of all button pushes create the double-action. I've tried Dharma and Eden, exactly same behaviour. For the Harmony, I've already configured Inter-key Delay 100ms and Input Delay 1000ms to no noticeable effect.

This is extremely irritating and I am looking for a solution. Does anybody have any tips? Google did not help.

- johnmerrick - 2012-02-10


- venxxxxx - 2012-02-11

I got a harmony 550 control... and got not a clue on how to make it work with XBMC on my Win7 Asus laptop.

Would someone link me to the NOB page on how to make it work ...cause nothing make sense to me in here lol

Harmony 300 - XBMCManni - 2012-02-15


i'm new to XBMC and have a Harmony 300, configured as "MCE Remote Keyboard".

1. Question:
But not all keys are working at the moment with the standard keymap.xml.
Can anybody send me a configured keymap.xml for the Harmony 300 ?

2. Question:
Are you using the default inter-key-delay and input-delay values ?
For me, it's seems a little bit "slow" with default values. I have talked with the support of logitech, they can change the values (because harmony 300 software does not allow it), but i don't know to which values ...
Maybe someone can tell me...

Regards XBMCManni

RE: [WINDOWS] HOW-TO use Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control without EventGhost - cool-vibes - 2012-04-12

I am using a Harmony 550 and thanks to the help here i was able to set it up to my liking , the only thing i was not able to do was to be able to map a button for the HOME button . Could somone please give me a HAND WITH THAT. tHANKS.