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using xbmc over HDX 1000 - Paulkai - 2009-07-14

Sorry if I'am posting this in the wrong section, but I have an htpc with xbmc, is it possible to have the interface XbmcifI'am using HDX 1000, myintention is to have one htpc and 4 HDX1000 around the house, or would you recommend having 4 client pc's, thanksin advance


- rwparris2 - 2009-07-14

Please try to use more descriptive titles when you start threads, this one "xbmc" is completely useless (I changed it for you, you're welcome).

You might also want to try explaining what an HDX1000 is, I'm sure many who could answer your questions would appreciate it if they didn't have to google any devices to do so.

From what I can gather you're trying to run xbmc as a thin client? Is this correct?

- vikjon0 - 2009-07-14

HDX1000 is a media player like popcorn.
The point being that it is cheaper than a HTPC?

You can probably connect the HDX1000 to your HTPC but not to the XBMC client software.
(Both are clients, you need a server?)

using xbmc over HDX 1000 - Paulkai - 2009-07-14

So can you use xbmc as a server then use Hdx1000 to stream all movies music etc.

P.s Thanks to rcwparris for renaming the thread, I'am new at this


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