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- cyberpark - 2009-07-24 11:29

vikjon0 Wrote:5) Get the fonts
wget http://download273.mediafire.com/aew2memhsysg/lywzwbnqyyy/Aeon_Fonts160709.zip

Hmm, just had to try this code.
But doesn't seem to work. You actually download the index.html file if you do this.

- vikjon0 - 2009-07-24 11:38

mm, it should work, did you get the URL correctly (copy link)? The text was messed up with "...." in the middle.

I have edited the post and written the URL in a different way to stop the layout from messing up

wget http://download273.mediafire.com/aew2memhsysg/lywzwbnqyyy/Aeon_Fonts160709.zip
Ok, didnt work. The address after http://


Finally it worked...

- cyberpark - 2009-07-24 11:57

Hm, strangely it gives me the file "index.html?lywzwbnqyyy" when I do this.

I do it from Linux Bash..

- vikjon0 - 2009-07-24 12:01

If you put the url directly in the browser do you get the zip then? I do...and wget works..

- cyberpark - 2009-07-24 12:09

No, but this links for for me:


I don't think you can make a full proof wget from a mediafire.com download site, as it changes the links.

- vikjon0 - 2009-07-24 12:20

ups, okej. I think it must be generated from my ip address then because it seem to be the same everytime for me.

Thanks, I will change the post.

- cyberpark - 2009-07-24 12:26


The fonts should be located on the Aeon project site, or with a permanent link. Had solved the problem.

- moontan77 - 2009-07-26 23:16

when i start xbmc from gnome, i have it set so that when the power button is pressed it will go to suspend instead of shutdown. However when I set the session so it automatically boots into xbmc, pressing the power button on my mce remote or the asrock itself, will shutdown the asrock. Anyone know what could be the problem?

edit: ignore, didnt spot it in the system hardware menu

- cyberpark - 2009-07-27 09:03

I have a question regarding this setup.

How is it with system resources? Does a full Ubuntu Desktop as background OS eat alot of the system resources? (Like having Windows + XBMC).

I have Ubuntu Minimal OS today, but I am wondering if I will try this out when I want to run Spotify from XBMC aswell.

Performance Ubuntu Minimal Server vs Ubuntu Standard Desktop?

- vikjon0 - 2009-07-27 09:24

Quote:How is it with system resources? Does a full Ubuntu Desktop as background OS eat alot of the system resources?

I don't run on top of the the desktop, when I use the xbmc session it runs on top of the GDM only, not the gnome desktop. I am not sure how much resources the GDM is using but memory shouldn't be a problem on the ION 330. I am guessing that boot time is the biggest diff but I haven't done a benchmark.

The advantage with regards to spotify is that you can start the desktop and get spotify to work fine before you try to get it to launch from xbmc.
(If think you need to use a thing called "launcer" to start it from xbmc without desktop)

- cyberpark - 2009-07-27 09:35

Yes, I need to install Wine first, then do a XBMC Launcher config with the arguments. Have done this on my first XBMC-Linux experiments.

But when you say that XBMC on Ubuntu Desktop doesn't launch the Desktop Environment, how does the user go into the Desktop if wanted/needed?

Just quit XBMC and launch Desktop? (startx will make the user go back to XBMC right?)

Or do you have to terminal into session 2 (tty2)?

- vikjon0 - 2009-07-27 09:39

I do exit xbmc which drops me out to the login screen (GDM) then I select e.g. GNOME session and loginto the desktop. There I can of course also start xbmc. When I did run in the desktop I had some scropts to start xbmc with remote etc. I will put that in my guide later.

Where am i going wrong? - TR909 - 2009-07-31 18:37

First off, thank you vikjon0. You've done exactly what i also wanted to do. Nod

I'm a total noob at linux, ubuntu, xbmc and the Ionstar330, however, using this guide i've (eventually) been able to get it to do the job... almost.

With my one week of experience i'd managed to make a mess of the first install (no sound out of flash player in firefox or navigation in xbmc) by using bits of a few different guides. Blush
Last night i decided to start from scratch and formatted the HDD and did a fresh install following this guide to the letter. In an hour i'd overcome all the initial problems. Big Grin

I'm left with two problems, one is more of an issue than the other, starting with the minor one:

1) When i go to the login screen the resolution is so small on the options that i can't make out the account names or read the other bits of it. Has anyone else found this? Can i change the resolution for that small aspect of Ubuntu?

2) The bigger issue - Playback of mkv's isn't smooth. On a panning shot there are stutters on the video every few seconds (sound is perfect); they're there in action scenes too, but not so noticeable. It seems to be on higher bitrate files. I find it makes movies unwatchable. Should the playback be completely without stutters?

I watched a 720p, 1 hour long file that was 1.1GB and there were no problems ; but a 720p, 2 hour file that's say 4.7GB and more has stutters.

Using the 'O' key shows me:
Audio is DTS or AC3 (doesn't make a difference which).
h.264_vdpau so going through the graphics chip.
CPU running at 1-4%.
Dropped frames no more than 4 or 5.
Bitrates at about 8,000kb/s
The FPS wobbles constantly but at about 23.8 to 24fps

Screen res is 1080p on a brand new Sony 37" w-series through the HDMI lead directly to the TV.

Am i expecting too much or should the video playback be completely smooth?
Please remember i'm a noob if you respond... Wink

Thanks, TR909

Thanks for the advice about enabling 24Hz in xbmc.

I found the reason for the juddering playback - was still doing it after the dynamic twinview change. Nothing to do with bit rates either.

On 25fps files there was no problem at all.
On 24fps files there was stuttering. Confused

Read a bit about telecine, screen refresh rates etc. and came to the conclusion it was probably my TV not the Ionstar.

I had to enable the 24p on the TV (or more accurately disable the pulldown). For future ref. on a Sony W5500 you have to go to Picture>Film Mode (@ bottom of list)>Auto2.
To quote the manual, "Provides the original film-based content as is.", ie. no messing with what's output from the Ion before it's displayed on the screen.


- vikjon0 - 2009-07-31 20:47

Quote:1) When i go to the login screen the resolution is so small on the options
The options I don't know, but for some reason the user / password is written with huge letters on my TV...but that doesn't help you.
The only idea I have is that you log into the desktop and checkout the login settings. There is different login screens to chose from AND there is this "accessiblity" stuff for people with bad eyesight. Maybe this will be of use. Where to actually change the font size of the default screen I have no idea. ( I dont know much linux either)

Quote:Playback of mkv's isn't smooth.
The killasample plays fine for me (http://tracker.hatters.org.uk/torrents/killa.sampla.x264.mkv.torrent)
To be honest I don't play to much HD content. I have seen something about enable 24hz to get smoth playing maybe that will improve it for you:
Quote:sed -i '50i\ Option "DynamicTwinView" "False"' /etc/X11/xorg.conf
I got that from http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=55282
There is some other changes to xorg in that post that you could test.


- Chambers - 2009-08-01 20:46

Thanks so much for this tutorial! You totally helped me out with getting sound and my mce remote working! FYI, you may want to add that in order for the power button on the remote to suspend you need to set it in the settings of xmbc. Also, do you happen to know a site that will tell me what buttons on the remote do what? I would like to know how to get into the 'queued' screen after queuing some shows.

Also, when i log into the xbmc session I get a mouse pointer on the screen, any way to fix that? Thank you again!