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xbmcstuff.com - CLOSED - Imaginos - 2009-07-19

Hello there.
The xbmcstuff site is now closed.
Almost all stuffs have been transfered to fanart.tv

Thanks everyone for your time and your talent.

See ya.

- ppic - 2009-07-19

great job !

- DuMbGuM - 2009-07-19

Great to see you put it out in the open Imaginos !

- Ram2000 - 2009-07-19

Looking good like the idea of having everything in one place.
Would be great if you could make the layout Aeon based its already very similar I think it needs a darker background for the true effect to work.
Is there a way for us to add to this page ? Might take alot of work away from you if you can add an upload function.

- Imaginos - 2009-07-19

Any css help is welcome !
I plan to let some people make additions of course, it will come soon !

- zag - 2009-07-19

good idea

- Imaginos - 2009-07-19

ppic Wrote:great job !

hello my friend !

- mcborzu - 2009-07-19

Great site!!!....couple questions?

1. Is going to be community updateable(then have to worry about quality control) or are you going to be still be following the respective threads and updating yourself

2. So are there 2 resolutions you'd like: (500*281) and (356*200)?

2a. Because I have a good amount nice logo Tv thumbs(fanart with logo) for the less popular shows and couldn't update the TVdb because their resolution cut-off was too high.


3. Whats the trick to the season thumbs where are you getting the fonts?

- krypt2nite - 2009-07-19

Thanks man. If you need any help let me know.

- Jamdez - 2009-07-19

Very nice Imaginos!

How will the updates work? (Contacte-moi si tu as besoin d'aide!)

- Imaginos - 2009-07-19

well, to insure that quality is regular, only a small amount of people will have the keys to the admin section, but I still have some work to do in this part to make it more friendly and more error friendly !

concerning the fonts, I have some and I find the other with my best friend... guess who ! :p

- Imaginos - 2009-07-19

krypt2nite Wrote:Thanks man. If you need any help let me know.

I notice Big Grin

- Imaginos - 2009-07-20

welcome to ppic as a new contributor for clearARTs

- ppic - 2009-07-20

lol thanks !

so don't mind what I've just wrote on xbmc-passion :p

- ppic - 2009-07-21

Prison Break:


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